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Ceréna, the experimental dance-pop sensation, is back with a dazzling new release that takes the genre to thrilling new heights. ‘Limitless’ is an intoxicating exploration that blends nuances of dance, EDM, pop and everything in between, with Ceréna’s wondrous and dreamy vocals floating on top and presenting that crisp and refreshing dose of electronics. 

We sat down with this one of a kind artist to learn more about her processes, what makes her tick and much more. Check it out below and stream ‘Limitless’ alongside her amazing new EP out now!

Hey Ceréna, how are you doing today?

I’m feeling gorgeous, thanks for asking. 🙂 


Tell us about your new single ‘Limitless’, we love it!

Yay, thank you so much. LIMITLESS is about tapping into our limitless potential as human beings. My art is how I best communicate the thoughts and ideas that permeate through my body and soul as I experience the world around me. I’ve gone through such an intense healing journey that continues to surprise me, but what I do know now is how much we’ve been conditioned to believe we have no power as individuals. I believe that everyone in this world today is carrying and projecting traumas that either happened in their lifetime or have inherited it from their ancestors. There is so much pain and we all sit on a spectrum of suffering, and it allows us to continue to project our pains towards each other. My main purpose in life is to heal and to love and share that with the world. Humanity won’t last much longer if we don’t collectively face the truths about how we got here, so this is my attempt at doing something about it. It’s time we realize our power as individuals and free ourselves from the limiting beliefs that keep us susceptible to manipulation and exploitation for profit. 


How did you first discover your passion for music?

Music is a huge part of Colombian culture. There’s always music playing at my house, and growing up we had a lot of parties with lots of dancing and singing. My dad plays the guitar, and it was him that noticed my ability to sing and hear notes. When I was 5 years old, he brought me to his vocal lesson and I loved it so much that he decided to sacrifice his dream so that I could learn to sing. That became the beginning of a long journey of working my butt off to be the artist that I am today.


Can you tell us about some of your musical influences and how they have shaped your own style?

Ofc! My holy trinity as a kid was Madonna, Tina Turner and Pavarotti. My mom had their concerts on VHS and I’d be glued to the TV screen watching these incredible performers. My soul resonated deeply with what I was witnessing and I knew that’s what I had to do. As I got older, pop icons like Janet, Michael and Britney all inspired me to be a performer. Björk also became a huge influence in her artistry and how she bangs to the beat of her own drum. Even before I had the language for it, Björk gave me hope as a queer person navigating an industry that excluded girls like me. Her unapologetic individuality made me feel like I too could carve out my own path into becoming the popstar I knew I was meant to become.


Can you tell us about how ‘Limitless’ came about? What was the process from ideation to execution with this one?

LIMITLESS is actually the fastest song I’ve ever written. The producer, Jaymie Silk, and I had been going back and forth between multiple ideas of what a collaboration could look like. Eventually, he sent me this instrumental and it inspired me so much that the song just poured out. However, I did meet some personal huge challenges along the way that made me realize how much healing I needed to do. The irony of my lyrical content is that I struggle a lot with actually believing what I write about. It feels as if the words are written by a higher power that is trying to make me see my fullest potential, but in this reality my traumas get in the way of doing what I need to do and trusting in myself. I re-recorded the vocals so many times because I was stuck in this neurotic loop of perfectionism that stemmed from abuse I used to experience in the recording studio environment. I kept beating myself up internally and it took the love and support of the people around me to remind me that I am that bitch and that I am talented and have a voice that matters. Here I was singing about the limitlessness of human potential meanwhile struggling to see my own. 😭


What do you hope listeners gain from your music?

I hope listeners can feel what I felt creating this music. All I want is for us to collectively heal. I know that my urge and need to fix this world is a trauma response… but I physically and mentally can’t just sit by and watch the world burn without doing something about it. I pour my heart out into my music and hope it resonates with people enough to trigger a positive change in their life.


Do you have a career highlight thus far?

Performing at Osheaga in Montreal is a huge highlight so far, as well as getting nominated for a JUNO award. These are moments that have solidified my journey in this industry and a reminder of how much I’ve overcome to get to this point.


What is next for you?

WORLD DOMINATION!! lol. nah, I’m kidding. What’s next for me is more music and growing my company, Angel Spirit Entertainment. I’m building a new institution that fosters artistic integrity and freedom, and eliminates artist exploitation. An entertainment company for the 22nd century.

Stream ‘Limitless’ here:

Tom L.

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