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Create the Ultimate Streetwear Wardrobe With These Chic Choices


Before we go listing the staple clothes you need to create the ultimate streetwear wardrobe, let’s first define what streetwear is. Streetwear is a fashion style that was based on the surf and skate culture of California. It is somewhat the combination of hip-hop, haute couture and many more.

Most people regard streetwear as something natural where you’ll only need to use some t-shirt, trainers, jeans and a hoodie. But it is far from that. When you look at the fashion world today, more and more luxury brands are joining the streetwear fashion.

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Trying to put together an outfit can be exhausting. You’ll need to have smart judgment and a good selection of clothing. And when it comes to choosing clothes when it comes to streetwear fashion, here are some things you need to know.

When It Comes To Shape

If you love loose clothes, opt for the early design of streetwear – beanies, loose shirts, loose-fitting chinos and anything baggy. On the other hand, if you want to the contemporary streetwear look, then dropped crotches and longline cuts should be your first picks.

When It Comes To Fabric

Streetwear fashion always calls for comfort and what better fabric to get than cotton? Go for classic cotton on chambray, jersey, Oxford cloth, and twill. Seersucker and herringbone are good, but they lack the streetwear factor. These fabrics are considered to be decorative and are more on the menswear fashion than streetwear.

When It Comes To Consistency

Streetwear can sometimes be vague and broad. As such, it is vital that you know what your preferences are. If you don’t, that’s okay. You’ll soon find out what you do and don’t like. But once you do, stick with it and be careful about mixing styles.

All you need to know about your future streetwear fashion wardrobe is here so you can relax and start building your wardrobe.

Now that you know the basics let’s get on with our streetwear list. You’ll be creating your ultimate streetwear wardrobe after this.


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Get a good pair of jeans. It’s one of the staples in every streetwear fashion. Find something durable and high quality. And here’s a tip, buy jeans that are 2 inches lower than your waist size so it can stretch.

All streetwear wardrobes start with a pair of jeans – no matter what colour. This is the main foundation of every streetwear fashion. Most of your clothes will revolve around this piece. One way to check if your denim is quite durable is to see the tell-tale strip on the leg.

Most people will advise you to avoid washing your jeans as long or as often as your other clothes. No matter, you should have some time to wash your denim especially if you love to wear these daily.


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And when you get tired of jeans, consider wearing a sweatpant. There’s nothing better than feeling that soft fabric on your leg. And if you’re still not convinced, know that these babies are a status symbol in some fashion circles. True story.

Sweatpants are currently just accepted into fashion aside from sportswear so there will be times when you prefer to buy from brands who are already in the sports fashion. If you want some great stuff, you can always check Billionaire Boys Club or just choose the ones from sportswear authorities. Also, it’s best to opt for black or grey in boys sweatpants.


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Now, don’t just buy any shirt. Buy printed t-shirts. Find yourself some brands that you like. For some high-quality pieces, you might want to check out Palace Tri-Ferg, Fuct logo tee, and Stussy. You have a lot to choose from. Whether you want graphic tees, punk or graffiti, or just a timeless tee. Whichever it is, just buy from the top quality brands.

Military Jackets

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One of the top favourites in streetwear, an army outwear is one of the must-buy pieces in every streetwear fashion. It’s pretty versatile and masculine. There’s just something about these garments and how versatile they are. Any high-quality military jacket is the icing on any cake or in this case, the highlight of your clothing ensemble.

You can choose from the MA-1 flight jacket, M-51 or the M-65. The MA-1 is sturdy and a great piece to use during the colder seasons. The M-51 is most famous for its clean silhouette. You can try layering them, too. Lastly, the M-65 is great as element-deflecting wear. You may recognise this as the fishtail parka. It’s great for switching any overcoat for a more rugged look.


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Any streetwear wardrobe is not complete without a hoodie. It’s one of the clothes that can capture the essence of the streets. You can opt to buy from any brand that you like. There’s Supreme, Champion Reverse Weave or just about any hoodie with tight cuffs, big hood, and short body. For more great brands, there’s always FPAR for its high-quality, big graphics and Japanese made sweats.


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You wouldn’t want to go out wearing flip-flops. Sneakers are the way to go in any streetwear fashion. Get a quality pair of trainers from everyday court trainers, something bold and another that’s great for running. This way, you can mix and match, and you’re good to go.

It might take some time for you to find your exact fashion mix but when you do find the clothes for you, you will have a great collection of wardrobe pieces. You’ll be able to find clothes and kicks that you can wear longer.

And that’s it. If you want to impress a girl or want to try on streetwear fashion, then follow the tips above, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a streetwear god. Be sure always to buy only high-quality stuff. Make sure you know how to differentiate a timeless product and a simple hype.