There are different activities you can do with a horse. In earlier history, horses are used as a mode of transportation, whether for humans or cartels. Today, horses are famous in sports and recreation, horse racing in particular. Horses are good at racing because they are four-legged animals that can run for 40-70 kilometres per hour. But they win not because they’re fast, they win because of the one riding on them.

The one riding the horse in racing is called a jockey. If you think that being a jockey is just riding the horse and lifting the rein off of the horse’s neck, well you’re wrong.

If you frequently watch horse racing and you’re thinking of becoming a jockey, here are a few tips on how to become one:

Two Men Riding on Horses

Know The Requirements

Being a jockey is a profession that is not open for all. There are physical requirements such as height and weight that you must qualify to become one. There are different types of horse racing such as flat racing, jump racing, harness racing, endurance racing, etc., and the weight requirement depends on what kind of race you choose to pursue. For flat racing in the US, they require 110 lbs and 136 lbs for jump racing or depending on what is the weight requirement in each race. Usually, jockey knows the weight requirement three days before the race, so they’ll need to have a strict diet pattern for every individual race.

For the height requirement, they’re not as strict as the weight requirement. Jockeys are usually smaller and have a height between 4’10’’ and 5’6’’.

The Knowledge

You can’t be a jockey in just one day; you need to undergo a lot of training and trials. You need to be an apprentice for about four years with the experience of a minimum of 20 trial races until you become a senior jockey. You can get horse racing tips from professional jockeys or trainers to get a better hold of the job.

You also need to have the knowledge on how to take care of your horse and your equipment. You need to have the best horse by grooming, shoeing, training it properly. Remember, horses must also have proper nutrition. The more you know your horse, the better. In preparing yourself, make sure to wear the appropriate attire for your own safety. It’s also best if you get life insurance, in case you get into an accident.

The Expertise

In order to be an expert jockey, you should have a lot of skills and experience. It’s not enough that you only know the basics. It doesn’t hurt to watch horse races and observe other jockeys on what are their own skills or methods and try to incorporate them into yourself. Plan a strategy for every race with your trainers and racehorse owners.  After each race, know what you can improve more or what you can change.

Never be afraid of pursuing your dream to be a jockey, remember these tips and continue to learn your way into the top.