Circular dating

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With a penchant for international men with Visa restrictions and symmetrical faces (I appreciate beauty in all its forms) The Sprink is still somewhat surprised to find herself single at *mid* 30s.

A few months ago, a friend suggested ole mate try Circular Dating. Its not rimming, but a style of dating ‘invented’ by American relationship coach Rori Raye and used by thousands of women, including Miranda Kerr. The diz – a woman dates multiple men at once, not committing until she is offered exactly the relationship – and man – for her. With multiple suitors, she becomes more confident and assured, emanating a kewl don’t give AF vibe making her more attractive, and less likely to just lock down with whoever first comes along. 

Sprink said YAS and took to Circular Dating as much as my feminist heart would allow, ignoring the rules about cards, candles and soft music (srsly), but following the ones including: don’t contact the man, let him come to you, appreciate don’t criticise, never suggest the next meeting, be honest.. and date multiple people at once. 

Nek minnit, dates were coming at me like a Christmas pudding, and was even getting stopped in the street by strangers because ‘your vibe is so amazing’ which is SOMETHING THAT ONLY EVER HAPPENS IN MOVIES AND MY DREAMS.

So after 2months of it I can safely say THIS DATING STYLE WORKS.. and while Sprink is is still single – no thanks to Rob Mills–  I pretty much swear by the technique.

To read all about the experiment – buy the January edition of MARIE CLAIRE out today (30 Nov)


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