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We asked hundreds of Aussies whether they’d eat insects, and most said yes – so what’s holding people back?

Image: Shutterstock Insects are sustainable, nutritious and delicious. They’re eaten by more than two billion people worldwide, mostly in the tropics, and have been a...

4 reasons insects could be a staple in Aussie diets, from zesty tree ants to peanut-buttery bogong moths

  Picture: Bryan Lessard, Author provided With the global population predicted to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, one of the biggest challenges in our lifetimes will be securing enough...
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Mikyla Cara Drops Infectious New Single: “If u Don’t Mind”

Channeling the essence of neo-soul and R&B, Mikyla Cara brings us a timeless gem that harkens back to the golden era of R&B. With...

Unleashing the Power of Content: A Guide to Effective Content Marketing

Have you ever come across a piece of content that held your attention for a long time? If you have, you must know the...


  Applications are now open for the Carl Nielsen Design Accelerator, supported by a generous bequest from Carl and Judy Nielsen. The accelerator is open to...

Mick Pacholli

Mick created TAGG - The Alternative Gig Guide in 1979 with Helmut Katterl, the world's first real Street Magazine. He had been involved with his fathers publishing business, Toorak Times and associated publications since 1972.  Mick was also involved in Melbourne's music scene for a number of years opening venues, discovering and managing bands and providing information and support for the industry. Mick has also created a number of local festivals and is involved in not for profit and supporting local charities.