Monday, February 26, 2024
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ANDREAH unveils beautiful new song “My People”

In the chaotic rhythm of life, there’s a universal desire to find our people, those who resonate with our souls and become our sanctuary in the whirlwind of existence. The latest release from ANDREAH, titled “My People”, beautifully encapsulates the longing for meaningful connections and the journey of discovering one’s tribe. Inspired by the profound concept of “my person” from Grey’s Anatomy, ANDREAH takes us on a lyrical expedition through the challenges of forging connections, especially for someone who has traversed three countries in three years.

The lyrics vividly paint a picture of a nomadic soul, constantly on the move and chasing an elusive destination. “On my own, I go where the wind blows,” captures the essence of a journey with an uncertain endpoint. The acknowledgment of the price one pays for such a lifestyle sets the stage for the central theme: the yearning for companionship on this unpredictable road.

The lyrics also delve into the paradox of being surrounded by people yet feeling a sense of loneliness. The search for meaningful connections in the hustle of daily life, marked by quick coffees and glances at the phone, paints a relatable picture for many. The desire to be known, not just superficially but on a deeper level, adds a layer of vulnerability to the narrative.

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Tom L.

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