1917 – the movie

War is not only Hell it is where it is waged as well

Before I begin I have to say that being a front line soldier in 1917 is an experience I’m grateful I didn’t have to live through.

This stunningly filmed wartime saga goes far beyond my expectations and does not shy away from presenting the horrors of war.

Telling the story of two World War 1 British soldiers who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Knock-about mates Lance Corporal Blake and Lance Corporal Schofield are given the unenviable task of crossing over ‘no man’s land’ into enemy territory when communication breaks down. Together they must deliver a written message by the next morning to prevent an ambush that could potentially massacre 1,600 British soldiers one of who is Blake’s own brother.

The ‘ single shot’ filming style gives the audience the unnerving sense of being there with them as they navigate their way through mud, barbwire, bloated rotting corpses, carcasses of slain horses, raging rivers and sniper attacks.

With a couple of noteworthy cameo roles and an outstanding performance from the little known star, this movie is a big, big contender for the awards list.

Having said that, I cannot help seeing this epic wartime drama as a cross between the Gallipoli (re:1981) and Saving Private Ryan (re 1998)

The realism of their walk through the trenches displays the pitiful conditions the troops had to endure.

If you are into heart-wrenching tales about real heroes in a constantly threatening real-world situation then this masterpiece will surely arouse your emotions.

On the big screen, it is a visual treat and a breathtaking experience.
Not for the faint-hearted *****

Concept Photo Design By Beata Gombas

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