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Why Should You Choose Plywood Over Solid Wood?



Ever since the invention of plywood, furniture manufacturers and architects have constantly been involved in the following debate, “which is the better option—plywood or solid timber?” However, recent studies prove that end-users across the world mostly prefer plywood due to its strength, efficiency, and durability. With plywood suppliers in Melbourne like Maxiply coming to the fore, customers can purchase premium-quality plywood products at affordable rates. This article will explain in detail the reasons for the increasing popularity of plywood across the world.


Many of us are aware of the strength of wood, and we even tend to believe that wood is stronger than plywood. However, the reality is just the opposite. Applying wood veneers on the cross-grained plywood surface using adhesives such as Urea Formaldehyde makes it stronger than wood. Hence, the strength is divided equally across the entire structure of the plywood. On the other hand, Wood is stronger only across the grain, and therefore, the strength is not evenly divided.


When it comes to manufacturing, the log is completely utilized in plywood production, whereas log utilization is relatively incomplete during the manufacturing of lumber. Zero sawdust is produced during veneer cutting, whereas production of sawdust is high during the production of lumber. Square foot coverage is greater in plywood due to the usage of veneer. Thus, one can safely say that plywood manufacturers make maximum value out of the woods they use in production.

Resistance Against Pest Infestation

Homeowners and builders consider wood borers and furniture beetles as major threats to the durability of timber. Natural wood will always attract such pests, and this threat remains unresolved even in the 21st century. One notable peculiarity of these insect pests is that they can form colonies even in the absence of moisture.

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However, pests can only attack when the wood is in its raw form. Pre-treating plywood sheets using anti-insect and anti-pest chemicals will enhance their durability and make them cavity-free. While choosing plywood products from stores, make sure you buy the product from Plywood suppliers in Melbourne who treat the sheets well during the production process.

Available In Large Sizes

Even one large piece of solid timber is not enough to make a single furniture product. Ply sheets, on the contrary, are normally available in large sizes, and furniture manufacturers will certainly be able to make furniture products out of plywood sheets of big size.


Plywood sheets are available in different variants such as perforated panels, patterned panels, clad sheets, line sheets, and edge sheets. Nowadays, even waterproofed plywood sheets are available on the market. Hence, such sheets become resistant to shrinking and swelling, which normally happen due to moisture. So, it is safe to say that ply sheets score very well above solid timber when it comes to longevity and maintenance.

Affordable Pricing

It is needless to say that the demand for solid timber is so high. They are rare to find, and this makes them even expensive. On the other hand, plywood is widely available in multiple variants, and they are priced reasonably by most manufacturers across Australia.

Along with the aforementioned factors, switching to plywood also has several environmental benefits as they are made from a renewable source. That is why one should prefer plywood over solid wood.

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