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Forklift Training – Overview, Scope, and Benefits



Construction in Australia is the third-largest industry and is vital to the economy. By definition, the workers in this field become indispensable as well. The projection for May 2023 is that an additional 118,800 jobs will exist in this industry. So if anyone is looking to take a forklift license in Brisbane, it may be a wise decision.

Forklift drivers are essential to Australian companies across different industries- from construction sites to warehouses. They help move heavy material safely and quickly. All that is necessary to become one is a driver’s license and training. The certification for specific training is required to operate these machinery.

Read on to figure out everything there is to know about a career as a forklift driver:

What do they do?

Companies require forklifts inside and outside company grounds to move heavy materials around the factory, warehouse, worksite, and storage yards.

In total, there are seven classes under the category of forklift trucks. They range from hand-controlled ones that work on a battery to ones having an internal combustion engine. The latter also has pneumatic tires that make it easy to manoeuvre around rough terrain.

What does the job entail?

These jobs are hourly and often full-time. Overtime is a common occurrence that includes overnight shifts, mainly in the case of warehouse sites.

Depending on the type of materials moved or worksite, the duties include:

  • Setting up the equipment and inspecting it.
  • Making necessary minor repairs
  • Moving the materials on time according to the plan or schedule.
  • Directing the workers to load/ unload or position the materials on the forklift.
  • Keeping a proper record of time and place when things are moved.

How to become one?

Becoming a forklift driver after a high school diploma is relatively easy. The construction companies send their workers in for training as well to ensure the safety of the workplace. To get a forklift license in Brisbane, one undergoes training. These classes help one pass the test and obtain it without much difficulty.

Having a license and certification gives one a clear edge over their competitors for the job. Employers and companies prefer their forklift drivers to be well-trained and to have a permit.

In a world with growing competition for jobs, this advantage will mean the difference between earning well and struggling with unemployment.

There are also courses available for experienced forklift drivers who would like to get a license. It helps them stay updated with the relevant information on the field and gives them the freedom to operate any forklift. The refresher courses are generally undertaken by companies who require their workers to undergo them.

How does the training help?

The training helps one to learn vital instructions, precautions, and warnings needed to operate such machinery and includes,

  • The location, function, and use of different controls. What does the instrumentation do? How do they work?
  • The difference between operating an automobile and a forklift.
  • How to steer and manoeuvre the equipment.
  • How to look for vehicle capacity and keep an eye out for stability
  • Inspecting and maintaining it
  • Refuelling and battery-charging

How much do they earn?

Forklift operators get paid hourly. And therefore the pay is good. It ranges upwards of $10 per hour. The salary depends on the location and type of equipment.


Enrol in an experienced training agency that lets one learn at their schedule and preferred locations. Some agencies have courses at multiple locations, and learners can choose one they are most comfortable attending. One can learn it in as few as three days.

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