what is your morley property manager looking for in a routine real estate inspection?

Are you renting out a residential or commercial property in Perth, WA 6000? If so, it would help if you had it inspected regularly. This can help you ensure that the tenants are looking after your real estate. Plus, it may help uncover any potential health, safety, and maintenance issues.

For this to be done well, you need to know how to find Morley property management specialists. They are trained to perform rigorous inspections, helping investors and clients alike.

Generally, these property managers will look for the following things.

Overall Condition of the Property

Of course, a real estate agent wants to know if the clients took good care of the real estate.

They will check if the kitchen appliances are clean and still functional.

They will go to the bathrooms to see if there is any mould or scum.

They will also venture outside the Osborne Park land units to check the gardens and carparks. Cars may be left parked, and it wouldn’t impede the inspection.

In other words, property management professionals need to make sure that everything is still in tip-top shape.

As a tenant, you have 7-14 days to prepare for this visit. Of course, it will help if you clean up the place before the Morley real estate experts arrive. You’d want to pass this inspection, after all.

Structural Changes

Real estate agents will also check for any structural changes that may have occurred.

They will check the ceiling for watermarks. This could mean leaks to the roof, which will require immediate repair.

At the same time, they will inspect the adjacent walls to showers for damage. This may mean that the grouts have broken down and need to be re-grouted once again.

Unusual Cracks to Ceilings, Walls, and Floors

A Morley real estate expert will look for any signs of damage on the ceilings, walls, and floors.

They will look at the ceiling to see if it’s sagging or about to fall.

They will also keep an eye for settlement cracking, which shows that the property type has dropped below elevation.

Leaks Under Sinks

Sink leaks are common in many land-size units. As such, the Morley property management expert will check for this.

More often than not, this problem is caused by:

  • Drain leaks due to old and worn-out drains or inadequate sealing putty
  • Faucet leaks due to damaged gaskets or worn-down washers
  • Loose water connection due to corrosion or a faulty gasket
  • P-trap clogged with food or gunk
  • Loose or damaged O-ring
  • Worn-out washer due to constant use
  • Corroded valve seat due to water accumulation

Compliance Issues

Morley real estate tenants need to do more than keep their land units well-maintained. They need to follow the rules and regulations for their health and the property type.

For one, tenants need to make sure that their smoke detectors’ green lights are on at all times. Although these are the owners’ responsibilities, clients may change the battery as needed after informing the real estate manager.

The property management professional will also check the cleats for all the relevant blinds. These are fixtures where the cord is rounded to keep the blinds stabilised when they’re up.

The inspector will also make sure that there are locks on all doors. This is to help keep the property type secured at all times.

Overall Changes in the Property

Real estate properties are bound to change if it’s continuously occupied. The bedrooms/beds or bathrooms/baths may be a little worn down, and that’s normal.

However, some changes may affect its future sale. Property type problems can be potential issues.

Morley property management experts are trained to check for these inconspicuous changes.

For example, one inspector saw fat build-up in the drain. This happened because the builders did not connect the waste pipe in the kitchen.

Fortunately for the investors, this service was still covered by a warranty. If this was not detected right away, they might have needed to pay for costly removals and repairs.

How to Find Morley Property Management Specialists for Inspections

As you see, you need Morley real estate experts to manage your properties not only for inspections but for every other service required.

As mentioned, they can make sure that your land size units are well-maintained.

They can also provide you with the Perth Market snapshot. If you want to put your for-sale property in the market, they can help you out with this as well.

There are various ways to find these specialists. You can ask for referrals from other property owners. You can also surf the net and look for Morley companies, such as Investors Edge.

Here, you can read companies’ testimonials. You can also consult with them to see if they offer the real estate service you need.