3 tips to clean vape tanks and coils properly

Proper maintenance of vapes can be quite a hassle, especially for first-time users. After investing in a high-quality vape tank, you may feel scared when the vape stops performing as well as it used to. If your vape tank or coil is feeling funky, this doesn’t mean it is spoiled; it could signify that your vape needs some proper cleaning. Most vapes are made up of three components, the tank, the coil and the battery, all of which can be disassembled to allow for cleaning. Regularly cleaning your vape device will enable it to last longer. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when cleaning your vape tank for the best performance.

Always clean when switching e-liquids

This may sound obvious, but it is crucial. When you run out of e-liquid or want to switch to a different flavour of e-liquid, make sure you clean the vape tank to get rid of residues of your precious liquid. This is even more important when using prescription nicotine liquid, as it will prevent contamination. Take apart your device and soak the components(except the coil) in lukewarm water. If needed, you can add a little dish soap for that deep clean. Rinse off any residue liquid from the tank and scrub the insides with an old toothbrush until clean and then rinse in clean water.

Pay extra attention to the mouthpiece

This is the part of the vape that comes in contact with your body the most. Science states that the mouth is one of the dirtiest organs in the human body. Therefore, human saliva can carry a lot of germs that can cause infections. When washing your vape parts, ensure you scrub the mouthpiece well to get rid of the majority of germs that may be brought about by saliva. This pro tip will save you the stress of visiting hospitals every so often.

Replace your coils

The coil inside your vape tank is not designed to be reused. Therefore it is a bad idea to wash it with the hope of reinstating it in the device. Coils could suffer from burnout if washed in water. Instead, they should be replaced every two to four weeks to prolong the life of your vape. So, how can you tell that your coil needs to be replaced? It’s very simple. When you notice a slight change in the flavour of your vape e-liquid, this could be a sign of a worn-out coil. The taste of your e-liquid could grow thinner, and the coil will start becoming darker than usual. All these are signs that you may have to get a new coil. Coils are relatively cheap, and replacing them is pretty simple.


So how often do I need to clean my vape? The answer to that question will depend on how often you smoke cigarettes or use your vape pen. We recommend cleaning your device at least once a week to keep it in top-notch condition, but if you don’t use it that often, once a fortnight would suffice. Vapes are easy to maintain, and by following these three tips, you will get the best experience out of your device.

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