Welcome to season 2018!


I’ve been reflecting more than ever on the purpose of theatre, what is worth fighting for, and what is worth fighting about. There are a few reasons why.
My longstanding relationship with Red Stitch and the ensemble is one. This is my fourth season as artistic director for the company I’ve dedicated much of my life to. I’ve grown stronger and bolder in the role, the company has grown with me, and I continue to ask myself where is our creative energy best directed? How can we continue to evolve?

My children are another. Molly and Alton are getting older, both are in school, they’re asking more questions and forming strong beliefs and opinions. They’re also spending a lot more time with me at Red Stitch and have started watching the plays. Theatre is feeding their curiosity and widening their perspective on the world.

But what about the world? The global and local context in which we are living is one of upheaval, conflict, devastating disappointments and fears. More than ever we need hope, comfort, and to fight.

Theatre is one of the ways in which we may better know ourselves, and those we share the world with. Through theatre, we have the opportunity to provoke deeper understanding, unanswerable questions and unutterable truths. To crack open that which we cannot turn away from.

In 2018 I want to do this, more than ever.

These plays all have fight in them, and love. The stories are poles apart but they all have in common an intimate and juicy investigation of humanity, and an ambition to provoke. They made us argue, laugh and reconsider the world. I hope they do the same for you.

Season 2018

Love, Ella.

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