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Monday, May 23, 2022

We believe a change is going to come



We believe the writing is on the wall for this Government!

Scott Morrison and his rag-tag bag of Coalition members, those who have survived, have fervently been declaring that this is NOT the time to change government.

If this is so, we ask when would it ever be?

The Coalition government has been wracked with internal dissent, leadership changes in both parties, has loose cannons in the background just waiting their chance to roll the incumbent leader and a lack of coherent policies to take us into the future

Really, it’s time that this fiasco was bought to an end. The constant blaming of Labor for the countries woes simply reinforces the inability of this government to be able to take stock of its own, somewhat massive, shortcomings

Two terms in parliament and what a stuff-up of two terms it has been!

We have a government that is almost paranoid about the word Climate Change and adopts the very best head-in-the-sand posture on the matter while the country cries out for a concerted effort to deal with the issue.

To cry the economy can’t afford to deal with climate change fly’s in the face of logic. The cost of not dealing with it will be a massive cost paid for by those generations to come, all of whom will curse us for not taking action.

It is desperately trying to lead us down the pathway of wanting to reinvest in a dead/dirty coal technology.

It has failed to save the damage to the Great Barrier Reef and encourages the continuation of coal mining.

This government forced a plebiscite on gay marriage on us when it was abundantly clear the nation wanted this change and created a cost to the nation that we could have well spent in other areas.

It has failed to deal with the issue of formally recognising Indigenous Australians.

It has allowed big business and multi-nationals to take advantage of the country and ordinary tax-payers by not collecting the tax they should be paying.

It has failed to provide assistance to pensioners, and in fact wishes to take take the meagre energy supplement away from them while failing to even index pensions to what is a very low inflation rate.

It has poured millions into an out of control inept Centrelink without any real improvements often to the disadvantage of those that Centrelink are supposed to be servicing.

It’s foreign policy when it comes to our Asian neighbours is concerning as it continues to be USA-centric

It has failed to stand up for the ABC. In fact it has massively cut its funding and has spoken of privatising it!

It has left a disgraceful legacy in what is laughingly called fast Internet connectivity through the NBN, making this country the laughing stock of the IT world.

It did absolutely NOTHING to deal with the home ownership crisis and indeed – homelessness.

It has absolutely stuck the boot into the ordinary workers of Australia, and while increasing their own salaries and perks, took penalty rates away from vulnerable workers claiming that it would stimulate further employment. Nothing has been further from the truth.

In fact it has failed to deliver any meaningful wage increases to Australian workers at all.

Its futile attempt in recent weeks to make it seem like the friend of women, the aged, and workers would be funny except for the seriousness of the issue.

Frankly, despite some concerns over some of Labor’s environmental policies, its strength of policies in areas such as health, welfare, foreign policy, education, arts, infrastructure as well as its internal stability, all point to it being time for a change of government.

The strength of a democracy is both a stable and community focussed government and, a an organised well focussed opposition.

The Liberal party and the National part need every part of a full term of parliament to get their collective acts together – possibly even two terms.

A change of government? Yes please!