Tuck’s Ridge

Tuck’s Ridge
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Tuck’s Ridge @ Red Hill

Not an +18 movie but a vineyard with a most excellent restaurant, Tuck’s Ridge sits atop a hill overlooking rows and rows of vines. Two Sprinks and I sat on our table beside a verrrrry MP 30th (beige boots, tight jeans and straight blonde hair with slight regrowth for all) checking out the sculpture comp going on next door at Montalto.

The menu landed and ordering was easy ‘We will have one of everything with matching salads, please’. At $25 per head, it was cheaper than any pub meal in Australia this side of 2003. The hands down winner of pork, salmon and lamb was the pink fish. It tasted as though it had been raised in a Norwegian forest, spoken to only in fables, where it spent time with its grandpa whittling and smoking pipes by a fire, living on a diet of elven-torched soot. Fork battles were fought. It is without doubt the winner of Best Fish Dish of Victoria And Maybe The World.

Other things of note:

  • it’s family friendly, but not off puttingly for the non-breeders
  • there is a swinging picnic area *perfect for proposals* that hangs from a huge tree covered in fairy lights
  • they make their own ice cream (chocolate and sour cherry, pinot and plum yum)
  • the music is BANGIN: a mix of 4am come down with 330pm chill-out on a boat in Croatia with a dash of mediation at a class run by a hot Spanish guy with an 6pack.

 Tuck’s Ridge

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