Trimbach Cuvee Frederic Emile Riesling  2016 – Alsace – $175.00

trimbach cuvee frederic emile riesling  2016 - alsace - $175.00
I had the pleasure this week of drinking this Cru Riesling, I had almost forgotten just how different and good Alsace Riesling can get.
In the glass, the wine is a warm and inviting hay colour.
On the nose hints of cool white river stone, and aromas of ripe peach and stone fruit fill the nostrils.
Then it hits the palate with the shock of fresh fruit, acid and sugar dancing across the palate performing a juggling act along the way.
Washing the mouth clean and getting it ready for the next layer of fruit flowed by layers of acid, gently wiping the palate clean then washing it off with a spray of minerals.
Finishing off the trifecta of flavour sensations, each of which is a complete dance in itself.
I used to buy this gold label Riesling for $39.00 a long, long time ago.
Hence I nearly died of fright when I saw the price today!
Then I tasted it!
WOW! Now I remember.
I found this wine to show a layered elegance I have not seen in a lot of Rieslings of late.
The drinking window for this wine is, at least 3 years away – Drink from 2026 – 2039.


I had this wine with leftover lemon chicken and warm potato salad tossed with fresh thyme and pan-fried croutons just to add an extra dimension of flavour and crunch to the dish.
PS. As wonderful as I have described this wine to be! Don’t open it before 2028 you will thank me for it one day, as it’s still just a pup.

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