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Time is relevant to experience



December 2, 2015

The day before tomorrow is a magical event. That is now. Melbourne, Australia.
Awake to a setting moon, drive 5 hours to get dawn photographs of a rural property in NSW. 10,000 hours they say is what it takes to become a master … of anything! 

With some clarity it is easier to say that confidence in advancement is through  practice
We are simple and uncomplicated beings when ‘keep on keeping on’ is in play. As always, the choices made with our hours lived alive are systematically segmented into “preferences” that living our lives ask of us.

Do other species have this learning capacity l wonder … or is their experience a moment to moment reflex?

A photograph taken by a professional photographer is not only about the hour or week they spend documenting the current commission. It is about (as it is with many others) the ability to function technically, communicate and interpret a brief with 10,000 hours or more of creative project managing. 

Photographs are not always mere twists of fate. Reflex plays a role. Muscle memory.
Creativity includes many hours of living, contemplating, communicating, seeing, travelling, photographing, designing, editing, processing, sleeping and exercise.

  •  60000 hours of sleeping 
  • 10000 hours of contemplating
  • 10000 hours of travelling
  • 5000 hours of designing shapes
  • 10000 hours of seeing
  • 20000 hours of taking photos professionally
  • 10000 hours of editing
  • 10000 of processing
  • 25000 hours of communicating
  • 15200 hours of sport
  • = 175200 hours (20 years) of living and segmenting time as a creative.

Time is relative to the attention given to any particular subject.
This photograph and many more were taken over several days and visits to Tianjin, China – the development was extensive and over multiple areas of Tianjin. This area is snuggled in an area that is moving ahead.

The architects who designed this and many projects in China are from Australia. Guida Moseley, Brown (GMB Canberra). The client was a Hong Kong based developer. The managing director is from Chengdu, China. His team from the local institute of architects are from Beijing and Tianjin who documented the GMB design. 

Many developers in China are regional as well as local players – investing in open green field urbanisation programs – not seen in the West on this scale. 

Blain Crellin

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