The 2021 Melbourne Fringe Festival Program



It may not be singalongs in a packed Club Fringe or standing ovations in venues this year, but Melbourne Fringe Festival 2021 is still here and ready to make some noise!

After some hefty bumps in the road along the way, the 2021 Festival has been re-imagined, presenting a fabulous program of over 120 shows. Since our launch a heap of new events have been added – many in-person events have adapted for digital, and over 40 new, exciting shows has been added to the mix. We’ve had to give things a rethink, but one thing is for sure – you can’t keep a good Fringe (or our amazing artists) down.

Through screens, earphones and mailboxes independent artists from Melbourne and far beyond are ready to share ground-breaking, noise-making art with you from 30 September-17 October. Wherever you are across the globe, you can enjoy our bold and boisterous program of comedy, theatre, cabaret, experimental art, dance, visual art, design and anything else you can possibly imagine from Fringe without even leaving your local area.

While we may still be apart, Fringe is a chance to come together. It’s a chance to share fabulous art – to laugh, to lament, to sing and to savour. So, make some noise for the artists of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2021!

(And if your neighbours complain, send them a link to some shows. Sounds like they need some fun!)


More than a streaming service

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Our incredible Digital Fringe program has something for literally everyone. Whether you’re looking for a Spaghetti Western spoof, a digital dance party in your lounge room, advice on how to join the illuminati, or a 10 person choir singing sea shanties to pop backing tracks, we’ve got you covered. 

If you’ve got a bit of screen fatigue from completing the entire Netflix catalogue, the program is also jam-packed with outdoor and socially-distanced events and activities that you can enjoy on your own, with your single bubble, or with your household. From a comedy picnic, taking in the world from the perspective of a tree, a guided tour at the Preston market, to amazing designers on your doorstep – the Festival’s COVID-safe program goes well beyond digital. 

If you’re keen for some off-the-couch content we suggest you get in as quick as you can. For obvious reasons, spots are extremely limited for anything in-person. And anything home-delivered needs time to be, well, delivered to your home. 


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For Kids and Families

We know it’s difficult to keep your little ones entertained during the school holiday/lockdown, that’s why we got these family bonding activities tailored for you, including hands-on craft from Polyglotstory adventure delivered to your door and more. The kids program is proudly supported by Lucas Dental Care.


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Disability and Deaf Arts Guide

This Guide to Fringe brings together work exploring disability, and work made by, and for, Deaf and Disabled artists, including a storytelling night by d/Deaf artists, a dance piece with both proactive/passive versions, a throwback to Deaf Clubs in the 80s-90s and more for you to find out.


Low-key Flex 

Well actually, not that low-key. The lockdowns this year have affected people in a lot of ways (we would know). Many shows this year are offering flexible pricing options, allowing you to see shows at a price you can afford – whether that’s full price, a little less, or a little more.


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Time Out Melbourne

We know that our Fringe community knows what all the cool kids are into (things like Fringe, duh.) Time Out Melbourne are keen to know what the cool kids care about so they can continue to help you experience the best of the city – from home or out on the streets.
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