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Termite Trepidation – How You Can Prevent Infestations With Effective Treatment



When it comes to protecting your property, there can a list as long as your arm to get done. Some things, however, are more important than others. One of the more critical items on that list should be the treatment of your property for termites. Termites are incredibly damaging, but with the right treatment, infestations can be completed avoided. If you want to know how you can prevent an infestation then consider these options.

Set up a routine

When it comes to prevention of infestations, the best thing to do is to set up a regular termite treatment with a certified professional. Regular inspections and treatments should be completed at least every 12 months, with some as regular as every six months. Inspections will allow you to identify any of the worrying signs and then treat the areas effectively. Termites don’t necessarily mean the building is going to fall to the ground around you. But without identification and effective treatment it is sure to start heading that way. Professional pest controllers will be able to examine for any warnings or indications of termites, allowing you stop an infestation in its tracks.

Complete regular maintenance

Termites love water spots and areas of high moisture. If your building has a lot of plumbing running through the walls, roof or the exterior façade then make sure your maintenance is up to date. It can take a simple water leak from a pipe in the wall to start the rot. From there an infestation can manifest rapidly. Take the time to inspect your building’s plumbing for any damage or leaks. By identifying these early signs of termites, you can prevent any serious problems down the track.

Do an inventory

As with a lot of things these days, advancements in prevention materials and technology have come a long way. For example, there now exists certain materials which are resistant to termite attack. If you have any timber or wooden structures around your building or land, consider doing a quick check on the material. If it is at all possible, look into replacing these materials with termite resistant materials. Traditional materials can be particularly attractive to termites and start the spread very quickly. Retaining walls, garden beds and entertaining areas can be potential hot spots. Whilst it may seem like a drastic measure and investment now, if it prevents an infestation you will be thankful you took the steps to protect yourself.

Release the pressure elsewhere

If your building has a water tank or hot water system, then considering where your water tank overflow goes is a major step in preventing a termite infestation. As mentioned earlier, termites thrive in high moisture areas. With most water tanks and hot water systems overflowing into areas around the exterior of buildings, this can be very problematic. Instead take the steps necessary to plumb the overflow of these systems away from your home. Whether you have an overflow system or tank which can store that water, or you simply allow it to go down a drain, whatever you choose, make sure you don’t allow water to pool. Termites thrive in these areas and the infestation won’t take long if they have access to conditions like these.


Get rid of termites, isn’t necessarily the end of the world. With effective treatment, your property can be adequately treated and protected for the future. It simply takes the right know how and a little effort to ensure you are able to avoid an infestation. Try using these treatment measure to help you avoid an infestation. Get Pest Control Geelong services at affordable prices.