‘Simply the best international work’ – Theatre Works Upcoming shows

'simply the best international work' - theatre works upcoming shows


Hi everyone,

I’m over in Adelaide where one of our five international shows; New YorkerPenny Arcade’s Longing Last Longer is the talk of the town; it has already won a weekly Fringe Award and scored a five star review in The Advertiser.
It is one of five international shows that I am so proud to present to audiences in Australia and I am writing to you to tell you to book for these shows now. They all only have short seasons; so don’t wait for word of mouth – trust that I’ve chosen some really outstanding artists for you to experience! It is fairly remarkable that an organisation of our size has been able to secure some of the hottest touring shows from overseas for you andall tickets are under $35.00. Seize this opportunity to see some new artists and new works.

Daniel Clarke

Theatre Works CEO and Creative Producer

'simply the best international work' - theatre works upcoming shows

PORTRAITS IN MOTION | By Volker Gerling (Germany)
1 – 6 MARCH *6 shows only!

This was the final show I saw in Edinburgh last year and I sure am glad that I made it.  The buzz around this show was fantastic but it was hard for me to get my head around actually what it was.  I needed to see it to understand.  It’s just Volker, with a microphone, video camera and a stack of beautiful black and white flip books that he has made.  He takes us through them once, twice and sometimes three times. They are projected on a screen.  It is absolutely delightful, endearing and a timely reminder of the importance of human connection.

You will laugh and you might even cry but you will leave the theatre beaming with a smile from ear to ear – and surely that is a good thing.


'simply the best international work' - theatre works upcoming shows

BLIND | Black Hole Theatre and DudaPaiva Company (Netherlands/Australia)
MARCH 8 – 19

Melbourne Festival 2014. We were supposed to have a show in our theatre but there were visa issues so the space was empty. I hate an empty space and wanted to support Black Hole Theatre develop this work with Duda, so I gave them our space to work in. I was fortunate enough to watch them work and the material they developed was extraordinary. It was haunting and magical.  I was captivated and deeply moved by this extraordinary puppetry. I had not had this experience before. It was thrilling and the experience stayed with me for days. I remember saying to Nancy and Duda – we have to do this show. And so we are – it opened in Europe last year and has been touring to great acclaim and I can’t wait to share it with you.


'simply the best international work' - theatre works upcoming shows

SUNDAY 13 MARCH *One show only!

When I told the director of dance and theatre at the British Council that we were working with Natasha (after working with Scottee and Bryony Kimmings) she said “oh you like all the great ones”.
This work has toured to over 30 venues in the UK and further abroad.  Natasha is without doubt one of the most innovative and influential migrant artists in the UK.  The work is beautiful and dense and leaves you thinking.  It requires you to work, but in a good way. It is a deeply considered multi-layered work that blends dance, music and imagery to create a rare and profound impact on its audience. Leap into the unknown.


'simply the best international work' - theatre works upcoming shows

The Melba Spiegeltent, Collingwood
FRIDAY 18 & SATURDAY 19 MARCH *Three shows only!

This was show number 17 for me in Edinburgh and was a real highlight of the Edinburgh Showcase last year. It is totally gorgeous and inspiring and I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a performer make an entire audience feel so comfortable and open to receive what is happening on stage so quickly. It’s queer and its all about love. What else could I ask for?!

Originally from Victoria, Caroline is based in Glasgow now, and has created this beautiful, mischievous, sexy and original dance-theatre performance.  And what’s more there is tequila! A real treat.


'simply the best international work' - theatre works upcoming shows

PENNY ARCADE: Longing Lasts Longer (USA)
Arts Centre Melbourne – The Famous Spiegeltent

This was show number 18 that I saw in Edinburgh last year and this was my response to it:

This next show was so so so so so good. And I’m so so so so so inspired and in awe and I can’t believe I have not seen her perform before. But actually now, right now was probably the perfect time for me to see her. Penny Arcade in Longing Lasts Longer was just exhilarating. She’s truly a legend and f#*k me she’s another artist who is making work about really important things.”


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