simple ways on howto mount plantation shutters in your home

Ready to give your home a stunning makeover? Need help with the installation of your plantation shutters? We’re here to help.

Plantation shutters are complete window treatment. Shutters serve the purpose of both curtains and blinds. You don’t need to invest in them separately unless you want to enhance the creative feel of your interior. 

Advantages Of Plantation Shutters

Shutters are the most elegant and traditional way to beautify your windows. Whether you want to invest in composite plantation shutter or the exquisite wooden ones or the economic PVC shutters, you can benefit from them in numerous ways-

Provides Insulation

You can regulate the sunlight coming inside your rooms using the louvres. During the summers, you can close the louvres to keep your interior space cool. 

During winters, the shutters trap the heat inside, giving you a warm and cozy environment. The plantation frames should fit perfectly to reduce escaping of the warm and cool air. 

Easy To Maintain

Window plantation shutters are extremely easy to maintain. You can use a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

Doesn’t Cause Any Allergic Reaction

Unlike curtains and blinds, shutters are crafted with solid materials like wood, engineered wood or PVC, that are hypoallergenic. There’s no risk of inhaling minute fabrics or dust particles trapped inside them, causing an allergic reaction.  

Gives You Privacy

Keep yourself safe from the prying eyes. You can completely close the louvres of the exterior window plantation shutters. It completely blocks the view from outside. 

Safe For Kids and Pets

Shutters are compact and get completely fitted inside your window structure. Moreover, the louvres can be operated using the arms attached to them. 

There’s no hanging fabrics or loose cords near the ground level. With your child’s safety concern resolved, you can definitely sleep better at night.

Durable And Long-Lasting Investment

Once you’ve installed the plantation shutters, it will last you for almost a lifetime with minimal maintenance. You don’t need to change and discard them occasionally, unlike the curtains and blinds. 

Imparts A Luxurious Appeal 

With premium plantation shutters, give your living space an elegant and timeless look. You can pair the shutters with almost any decor to enhance the grandeur of your home. 

You can even choose the position and width of the louvres to match your interior settings. Use wide louvres for a clean contemporary look or the 2 ½” slats for a traditional style. 

Gives You The Freedom To Experiment 

And you can always experiment— pair curtains with your shutters. Use sheer curtains to create a soft look. Use bold prints for a dramatic finish. 

Let your creative juices flow and give your interior an extravagant personalized style. 

With long-lasting durability and elegant styles, plantation shutters, Melbourne, are becoming popular. Irrespective of the material and type of the shutters, you can easily install the shutters.  

Why not give it a try to install your plantation shutters with our simple DIY guide?  

Simple Ways To Mount Plantation Shutters, Melbourne

With an amateur’s skills, 10-15 hours and some essential toolkit, you can get started. Let’s begin!

1. Assemble Your DIY Kit

Head to the store (unless you already have them) and get your DIY supplies

  • Drill
  • Pencil (optional-if you want to mark the fixing points)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Phillips head bits
  • And, of course, your window plantation shutter kit.

Pick up your plantation shutter kit or order them online from a reputed store in Australia. The best store for plantation shutters, Melbourne offers a customized shutter kit for your windows. 

Not sure which size would be perfect for your windows? Get in touch with a style consultant. 

2. Assemble Your Plantation Shutter Frame

Measure your window. Buy plantation shutters that will fit into your window. Take out everything from the kit. Place the shutter on any plain surface, preferable on the floor. 

Slide the lock and key into position at the back of the frame to assemble it. At the edge of the adjustable frames, clip the corner covers. 

While assembling, ensure all the hinges are facing the correct direction. 

3. Secure your T-Post With A Screw

Whether it’s a PVC budget plantation shutter or a wooden one, you’ll need a 40mm screw for this job. Use a drill and screw the middle frame to the mainframe. Ensure to secure it tightly. 

And you’ve successfully completed the first part. Your assembled frame is now ready to pop into the window panel. 

If your window is large, you can get a helping hand for the next step. 

4. Fit The Assembled Frame In The Window Panel

Use your Allen Key to keep turning the mechanisms at the side until you get a perfect fit. 

The Allen key mechanism is beneficial since they help the shutters to fit into the window panel perfectly, irrespective of a economical plantation shutter or an expensive wooden plantation shutter. 

5. Secure Your Frame in Place

You have fitted and adjusted the frame. Now secure it permanently in the window panel using 70mm screws that come with the kit. Screw-in through the Allen key mechanism using the drill on the frame’s edges.

6. Insert The Shutter Panels In The Frame

Use the hinge pins to place and attach your shutter panels. Start from the left. 

7. Fix The Last Screws

You’ve almost done it. Now go back to the remaining mechanism points and secure them with a screw. You can use white stickers to cover the holes. 

8. Fix and Secure The Hinge-Locking Screws

Now find your hinges. Fix and secure them with the hinge-locking screws using the drill. 

9. Attach the Remaining Fixtures and Test

Fix the knobs into the pre-drilled holes of the shutter. The right one without the latch and the left one with the latch. Once you’ve fixed the knobs, close the latch to test the locking system.

10.Your Plantation Shutters Are Ready

Congratulations! You’ve done it. Your room now has a luxurious setting. The best part? It’s budget-friendly. With DIY exterior window plantation shutters installation, you can save some serious dollars.