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Shadowboxer @ Sth Yaz, Toorak Rd of course

By Sam the Social Media Guy

It was a hot hot night. I was sweaty AS USUAL and decided to take Sprink out for dinner because even tho I’m homo I know how to wine and dine a lady (we split the bill tho cos I’m homo and didn’t want to get Sprinky with it).
We stumbled across this place which recently celebrated it’s first b’day with free champas #GOALS. I was iffy though. I’d heard that it could break the bank to dine here.
As y’all know, ya boi loves his rosé. It’s the perfect combination of ‘I won’t drink chardonnay because I’m not in a failing marriage’ and ‘when will it be red wine weather again?’ and this place had some BOMB rosé.
We decided to go for nibbles not a meal because we’re both poor cos THE SPRINKLER IS A FREE SERVICE #nopaywall. We got fritters (mmmyas), dips (mmmyaaaaaaaas), and cheese (mmmyaaaaaaaaaaaas) and then a heaven on earth dessert of botanica gin and lemon tart (MMMYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS – I just peed my pants thinking about it jk I don’t have pants on).

I forget where this is going but moral of the story is go here.

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