On the money Kent…

on the money kent…

Music And Colour And All 

The Senses Mixed Up

When we listen to great music we experience colour. Some people actually see the colours, others have a vague feeling of their presence. When this sensation isn’t apparent it isn’t music you are listening to.

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Touch can give us a sense of taste, try it when you stroke a lover’s skin and you’ll know it is true, you’ll know what they taste like. We can hear the sounds in a great painting. Again, some can actually hear the individual noises, most of us receive the sensation of the sound. The silence in some paintings can be daunting and completely unlike an absence of sound.

All the senses are connected and should inspire each other.  Most of what I experience around me is aimed at a singular sense and lacks the depth to trigger other responses. I’ve been trying to work out what has been making me feel so uncomfortable for so long and today it just came to me. This knowledge was in me, another human triggered it. 

When other humans inspire all the senses at once we know something deep and real is happening.


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Mick Pacholli

Mick created TAGG - The Alternative Gig Guide in 1979 with Helmut Katterl, the world's first real Street Magazine. He had been involved with his fathers publishing business, Toorak Times and associated publications since 1972.  Mick was also involved in Melbourne's music scene for a number of years opening venues, discovering and managing bands and providing information and support for the industry. Mick has also created a number of local festivals and is involved in not for profit and supporting local charities.        

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