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Northland Region: The Birthplace of NZ Wine Industry

Also known as the Far North or the Winterless North (Owing to its mild climate) by the natives, the Northland wine region is just 4 hours away from Auckland (the country’s largest city). As the name suggests, the region occupies the northernmost part of New Zealand, enjoying a vast coastline – nowhere in Northland is the sea over 50 km away from land. Home to the majority of Maori tribe, it holds great historical significance as well.
A Brief History
An amalgamation of the Maori and European population, the Northland wine region has a rich agricultural heritage. Viticulture was introduced here in the late 1800s by Croatian gum diggers, who brought along with them the European winemaking tradition. This marked the foundation of the NZ wine industry.
Things to do
Not only is the Northland region the birthplace of the NZ wine industry, but it is also the birthplace of the nation. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed here in the year 1840 – making for the most important historic site of NZ.
Explore the Maori heritage while enjoying their cultural performances at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds.
Witness the beauty of nature at the dense forests, or trek to the steep hills – A perfect destination for your next vacay!
A Walk Through the Vineyards
The Climate The Soil
Located in close proximity to the sea, it experiences a subtropical climate – warm, sunny and humid. Northland wine region also witnesses the highest average annual temperature of NZ. The vineyards are covered with clay-loam
soils over the compact-clay subsoil.


Must-try Wines
The Northland wine region is gifted with a wide wine-portfolio. From reds to whites, it harvests an amazing range of must-try wines. Amongst the reds, Chambourcin, Syrah and Pinotage are the most-produced varietals. White wines like Chardonnay and Pinot Gris are equally popular, followed by Sauv Blanc and Viognier. Visit Just Wines and buy wine online from a variety of fine quality wines and avail great discounts.

Michael Hunt

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