Meyba Teams Up with The Beatles for Exclusive Fashion Collection

meyba teams up with the beatles for exclusive fashion collection

In a groundbreaking move that transcends the realms of music, sportswear brand Meyba has joined forces with the legendary rock band, The Beatles, to create an exquisite limited-edition collection of shirts. This unique collaboration delves into the rich tapestry of The Beatles’ unparalleled back catalogue, spanning music, film, and iconic imagery. 

The focal point of this inaugural collection is a monochrome tribute to the iconic Abbey Road album artwork, an immortalised masterpiece released in 1969. Meyba’s designers have artfully incorporated the globally renowned ZEBRA crossing and classic black and white THE BEATLES ‘Long T’ logos across a myriad of methods and formats, resulting in a collection that seamlessly merges historical significance with contemporary style.

While football remains an integral part of Meyba’s heritage, the brand has seamlessly expanded its repertoire to encompass fashion-forward lifestyle products. Recent collaborations have seen Meyba join forces with renowned entities such as FC Real Bristol from Japan, Rave Skateboards in Paris, The Huey P Newton Foundation in Oakland, California, and FSTBL B & Voll-Damm in Barcelona.

Now, with the much-anticipated announcement of the Meyba x The Beatles collection, the brand asserts, “The worlds of football, music, and fashion have never been so closely aligned. Working with Apple Corps on this collaboration with The Beatles is the pinnacle of this movement. We’ve harnessed our heritage and forward-thinking design to create an unprecedented collaboration that will undoubtedly resonate with music and football fans worldwide.” 

The Meyba x The Beatles collection marks an intersection of cultural influences, where the legacy of one of the greatest bands in history converges with the craftsmanship of a renowned sportswear brand. To be part of this unparalleled convergence of fashion, music, and football, enthusiasts can now order the exclusive collection at Meyba’s official website. Embrace the spirit of innovation, heritage, and creativity with Meyba and The Beatles.

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