listen to older voices: libby thomas – part 2

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listen to older voices: libby thomas – part 2Welcome to the second and final part of the Life and Times of Baby Boomer, Libby Thomas.

By the time she is well into the 1970’s, Libby realises that in one way or another the music business is where she would focus her life.

Circumstances finds Libby being befriended and mentored by both Garth Porter and Clive Shakespeare, members of the incredibly popular and talented group – Sherbet.

How all this comes about is revealed by Libby in her story. A fast learner, Libby quickly gains a new skill-set and begins to mentor bands herself, before commencing full-time work with the then government funded body, Ausmusic.

There is so much to libby’s story and she shares her story openly and interestingly.


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