Escape Room

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Escape Room @ Paramount on Bourke Street

.. is literally the best 45min of your life. You plus one / two mates (more than four is v.annoying) are locked in a room and you have to follow the clues and go full Sherlock to get out. Each room is themed differently so you can be anywhere from an Egyptian tomb to a prison, a psycho’s lair to a jungle. If you get stuck you can buzz for help, but you only get three hints.. use them wisely.

Start in one of the easier rooms because the ones that are 5 star are really difficult. Hint: read things backwards in mirrors, remember that the time can be written in analogue, search for symbols, don’t break anything off the wall, search the roof and literally if you go to the Escape Room in Paramount on Bourke Street make sure you try The Art Gallery Room. Of all the 29 escape rooms I’ve done in Melbourne (no exaggeration) it is my #1 fave.

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