Domaine La Barroche Pure 2021 Châteauneuf-du-PapeS outhen Rhône 2021 $360.00

domaine la barroche pure 2021 châteauneuf-du-papes outhen rhône 2021 $360.00
This wine comes from century-old vines and is made entirely from Grenache giving this wine exquisite flavours with power and delicacy all at the same time.
On the nose: an old-world fruit and wood thing was going on with hints of roses and spice and dare I say, pure ripe cherries and raspberry fruit almost silk-like to inhale.
In the mouth I found the wine medium weight however dry and rich with a soft but persistent
 acid that I found pleasing just rounding the light spice off on the finish.
As it was drawing to an end black fruit started to build with a hint of white pepper washing over the back palate.
Complemented by mouth-watering soft acid that fills the mouth with great finesse. The wine was soft, ripe and dry laced with a dusting of minerals.
Im still struggling with this wine as it tasted like no other CNDP I have tasted, and dare I say it again, Pure soft red fruit a very impressive wine.

the new way we drink in 2022Michael Lillis

the Rot has set in.

I enjoyed this wine with believe it or not with a vegetarian moussaka, of all things and guess what?
It worked rather well the warm flavours of this vegetarian moussaka, I used an old Jamie Oliver recipe I cut out of a Woman’s Weekly years ago and have added my own twist to it over the years.

Michael Lillis

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