Date with a ‘comedian’

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Date #2 with a scruffy-haired Melbourne ‘comedian’.

  • was explicit that Saturday night dinner date was ‘on him’ bc Sprink had shouted date #1
  • met at suggested venue which turned out to be a uni bar selling 2-4-1 jager bombs
  • Sprink was hungers and confused ‘Aren’t we having dinner?’
  • ‘comedian’ pointed at a $13 all you can eat Indian place opposite ‘Plus it will kill time before the 2-4-1 kicks in’. Sprink laughed at ‘joke’
  • Sprink pointed at neighbouring Japanese restaurant and ‘comedian’ agreed to dinner there as long as he could order ‘My shout so my selection’ #control
  • ‘comedian’ spent an hour talking about documentary he was making: Topic: himself. ‘It’s 14hrs long. I am cutting it down to 5hrs. Going to submit it to Cannes Film Fest’
  • the bill arrived, ‘comedian’ claimed to forget his PIN.
  • ‘Lets go to the jager place now’ he said
  • ‘I thought you were joking about that place?’ Sprink said
  • response: ‘You are lucky I took you out, normally women do everything they can to impress me. I never have to try. Chicks are falling over me.’
  • Sprink got in taxi and ‘comedian’ asked ‘So, wanna come to mine?’
  • polite decline from Sprink
  • ‘comedian’ kissed his fingers, put them to the taxi window, popped his collar, then, staring seductively at Sprink, walked backwards down an alley *like that GIF of Homer into the bush* until he disappeared into the night never to be seen again thank the lord

So if anyone wants to set me up I’d appreciate getting off Tinder thank you.

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