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Croissant del Comune di La Morra 2019 $100.00

This wine has been open for two hours and is only starting to show a glimpse of what’s on offer.
To look at the wine, it’s rather light in colour.
I have just stuck my nose in the glass, I’m in love intense hints of an old world Barolo.
This wine is soft and on the lighter side of Barolo yet it is fully flavoured with a wonderful line of acid running the length from start to finish.
Hints of bright, crisp, yet dark ripe fruit. Everything is showing just hints; it’s all there but not quite open enough to show the wildflowers that are just lurking in the background and teasing you.
A brief whiff, of red rose petals starts to show themselves then they disappear just as quickly.
I have just taken a sip, of this wonderful 2019 Croissant del Comune di La Morra and everything has changed the mindset and expectations I had for this wine.

The acid is what I am enjoying the most, it’s almost mouth-watering, and yet so seductive!

michael lillisMichael Lillis

the Rot has set in.

If you have not tried a Barolo, Now is the time! While the weather is still on the cool side.

Roast beef with Yorkshire puddings, onion gravy and crisp roast potatoes.
The bold acid and light crisp favours need an old-fashioned meat and potatoes meal, as they will complement each other nicely.
Barolo will change the way you think and drink wine:
Remember Barolo can take up to 10 & 20 years ageing to show itself at its best, and up to 3 days in the decanter to develop and open up.

Wine Fact:

Barolo is a wine you plan a meal around!
Not just whip the cork out, for a quick drink.

Michael Lillis

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