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Comedy Fest Spesh






The Wine Bluffs @ Paul Calleja & Damien Callinan (21 – 22 Apr) – BYO wine wanker.
39 Forever @ Amity Dry (meow – 22 Apr) – for people who shop at Country Road.
Kosher Bacon (8 – 22 Apr) – I’d kosher his bacon any day
Hold my beer @ Adam Rozenbach (13 -14 Apr) – I’d hold anything he asked me to
Comedy Zone Asia @ IN, JPN, MYS (meow – 22 Apr) – OK I have to stop being sleazy.
The Comedy Zone @ heaps of em (meow – 22 Apr) – get in it, innit.. goddamnit this is hard (thats what she said).
RAW Comedy Grand Final @ (15 Apr) – which just reminds me of the baby joke with the potato peeler (sorry)
Hewy’s Cooked Adventures @ Tim Hewitt (meow – 22 Apr) – not a single drug reference, not one.
George Michael is Greek @ George Dimarelos (meow – 22 Apr) – ADONISSSSSS
It’s Nice, It’s Modern @ Sam Taunton (meow – 22 Apr) – a K&K reference? I do.
Man Vs Meth: Refined & Uncut @ Simon Hughes (meow – 21 Apr) – refined and uncut eh?
Secondhand Bubblegum @ Perri Cassie (meow – 22 Apr) – I used to smoke ciggie butts off the ground when I was 14 so like, I get it.
Super Woman Money Program @ Elizabeth Davie (meow – 22 Apr) – or as it should be known, as equality
Two Hearts @ two kiwis (meow – 22) – a musical that I’m hoping is all about Farnzee

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