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Cibi @ Fitzroy Street
I was waiting at Cibi on Keele Street in Fitzroy for Tinder Paul to show up for our coffee. He had been messaging Sprink for a few weeks and after a phone chat we realised we both weren’t total creeps, so decided to meet up. I was relaxing in the sun waiting.. waiting.. the waitress came for the fifth time so I gave my order… waiting… After 25min he showed up looking notably tired and kinda like he had rolled out of bed.
‘Soorry I’m late, I just left my ex’s house we’ve been hooking up heaps recently we might get back together.’
So yeah, Cibi itself is a great little Japanese cafe in Fitzroy, that also sells kitchenware, porcelain and other things you would buy your hipster friend for their birthday. The interior is a mix of op shop wares (or ‘vintage’ if you are under 30), with a few tables out the front where you can meet for a date with someone who doesn’t stop talking about their ex, which is handy because you can kill time on Tinder, swiping *hopefully not guys still hung up on their ex wives*

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