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This is Callum. He is a hugely warm-hearted, genuine, kind, handsome muffin who likes to hug.
He moved to Melbs from Canberra, started a band, had his butt branded by a cattle prong, lived on the streets for 7 days for a doco, and turned his quiet suburban house into a festival with 3 stages operating simultaneously, a functioning bar, kegs, security, VIP passes and an official appearance by the Redbull promoters.

Your band closed Ding Dong a few weeks ago. What else have youse guys done?
We got 250,000 You Tube views in one night after we covered the Triple J Hottest 100 in 30min. Subsequently we toured the whole country twice – and accidentally Cambodia too. We then reshot the video for it and had to sing as we were jumping out a plane.

You get naked around music heaps – top three achievements?

  1. stripping onstage at a Regurgitator concert at a packed out Hi-Fi bar
  2. playing nude at the closing night of Ding Dong just a few weeks ago
  3. streaking at last year’s Community Cup. Me and the other streakers were controversially fined on the spot and the story made national news. The Gasometer Hotel held a benefit fundraiser to cover the fines of the streakers, so to thank everyone for their support, I got naked on stage with the Rockdog Megagroup which included a half naked Sprink if I remember correctly.

Callum – Ace

YEAH BOI kewlest gig ever. Aside from the Pokemon tramp stamp you got in Japan, what is the weirdest thing you’ve done to yourself?
Going into hospital lock down for 35 days for a drug trial. It was like being on a scifi set – it was so sterile and white and quiet but then at the end of the corridor there was a room with all us guinea pigs in gowns walking around like zombies. I was given new test meds for a rare blood illness that I didn’t have. I grew a lump in my injection side which really hurt, so yeah there were side effects. But I got $9k and got to edit my series.

Your series looks freaking awes – what are the highlights of American Tourrist?

  • Held a completely fabricated meet and greet for the world’s biggest country music star in Nashville
  • Built a wall around a Taco Bell restaurant in Los Angeles
  • Sold my body on the streets of Las Vegas
  • Masqueraded as an undercover cop at Burning Man
  • Started a grassroots underground movement in NYC for a cause that doesn’t exist

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