BREAKING: Australian-first covert footage of baby goats being killed at high profile Victorian farm released

breaking: australian-first covert footage of baby goats being killed at high profile victorian farm released

Confronting footage of baby goats being killed by the trailer-load using a captive bolt gun and then thrown into a bin has been released this morning by animal protection organisation, Aussie Farms.

The footage is taken at a farm in Trafalgar owned by John Gommans of Gippy Goat Cafe, which was subject to a high profile protest by animal activists late last year.

The goats, only hours old, scream in fear and writhe in pain after being shot with the captive bolt. Their crime is being born male and therefore a waste product to the industry because they cannot produce milk.

The release of the footage comes as activists prepare to give evidence at the Melbourne hearing for the Inquiry into the Impact of Animal Rights Activism on Victorian Agriculture this morning.

Director of Aussie Farms, Chris Delforce, will give evidence at the inquiry and call for the committee to focus on the reason why whistleblowers feel compelled to break trespass laws: legalised animal cruelty.

Quotes attributable to Chris Delforce, Director of Aussie Farms:

“This confronting footage is yet another example of an industry with zero transparency or laws to properly govern it. Everything shown in this footage is completely legal under our current legislation. Victoria’s farm animal welfare laws are inadequate, with codes of practice that are only voluntary to abide by.”

“The man responsible for what has been captured in this footage has gained the sympathy of the community while secretly doing something that the ordinary person would consider nothing short of unnacceptable animal cruelty. He has taken us all for a ride and in reality is treating his animals, quite literally, like trash.”

“Gommans was inviting the public to interact with these kids at his cafe, using them as a cute drawcard, while simultaneously shooting a bolt into their head at another property. It’s time for the other side of the story to be told.”

“This is not an isolated incident, it is routine practice, and our footage shows that it occurs daily. Consumers are being deceived by the animal agriculture industry. They deserve to know the truth and we will continue to expose it. We won’t stop until the cruelty does.”

“Gommans complained when those who protested at his other factory farm were fined $1. He won’t receive any penalty for this – not even $1. That is the real problem that needs to be addressed through Victoria’s parliamentary inquiry.”

Contacts (Aussie Farms)

Chris Delforce:, 0401 763 340  
Alix Livingstone:, 0409 580 519

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