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Bonneville present a retro soul ode to timeless R&B in ‘Boogeyman’

Bonneville, the dynamic retro soul duo comprising Jeff Hayashi and Wes McGee, stands poised to captivate music aficionados with their forthcoming single, ‘Boogeyman.’ A testament to their unwavering passion for music and commitment to genuine artistic expression, Bonneville’s retro soul and R&B harmonies encapsulate the raw essence of their craft.

‘Boogeyman,’ the second single from their highly anticipated second album ‘Flying Machine,’ serves as a testament to the band’s dedication to preserving the classic soul grooves while infusing their distinctive modern flair.

In ‘Boogeyman,’ Bonneville presents a formidable homage to early 70s inner city soul music, echoing the era’s pulsating energy. From its grandiose intro to the deep-seated grooves in the verses and the soaring bridge, the song channels the spirit of the late 70s east coast R&B, reminiscent of iconic crime dramas that defined this illustrious style.

“This track leans towards the old school, integrating strings to capture that late 70s east coast R&B movie sound” says guitarist Jeff Hayashi.

In what is a truly joyous soul-infused offering that takes you right back, ‘Boogeyman’ offers a transcendent journey to a bygone era while maintaining a contemporary edge, a signature achievement once again by Bonneville.

Stream it here:

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