Bianca – second row

Bianca – Second Row
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This is B. She has a pop culture blog, fashion podcast, a digital agency, eight Instagram accounts and is a fashion columnist, podcaster, travel writer and food and bar reviewer.

So, your entire world is imaginary?
Basically. I am all code in a computer. If the net goes down, I’m done.

Why aren’t you allowed in The Second Row?
A while ago, an Age writer said that bloggers only belong in the second row at events. We got into to a spat about it over socials #bloggergate so I made it my Instagram handle. Now, if I’m in the front row at events, all the other bloggers tell me I’m off-brand.

Weirdest places you’ve gone to while being a travel writer?

  • Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica: a driftwood bar in the middle of the ocean a guy built cos he had a dream one night. Everyone on it is baked.
  • Baby snake photography in Indonesia: human babies are taken to a natural cave to have a snake wrapped around them. Like baby- snake photo booth in a cave. No adults allowed.
  • Viking World in Dublin was weird: the shittiest plastic Viking museum where you can pose with fake Viking people.
  • Palmersaurus; Clive Palmer’s robotic dinosaur park in Queensland
  • Sound Fantastic World in Shanghai: most bizarre experience I️ can’t explain it
  • The Rainbow Temple in Vietnam: a temple that embraces every type of religion. Each monk chooses a  religion to study and wears the colour for it at their ceremonies, resulting in a human rainbow. We could learn a lot from these dudes.

Why did you decide to start The Fashion Podcast?
I wanted to hear one that was light-hearted and easy to listen to but everything out there was too serious. So I made my own. Each month I chat to a new guest about fashion pop culture eg:

  • the worst trends going at the moment
  • if runway fashion has just become click bait
  • Balenciaga’s  $2000 IKEA bag
  • Who is the better fashion mogul Kylie or Kim (A: Kylie)?

I do it on zero dollaz and while the quality ain’t brillo, I think the content is. It is usually Top 5 on iTunes Charts, and once it beat Vogue’s!

I know you love trolls – but you clearly have no regard for your life. You took on Beyoncé’s style.
I don’t dig her style at all! For eight years I only critiqued badly-dressed white girls, and the second I say boo about Beyonce I’m suddenly called racist. I got trolled HARD. But it’s kewl.. it just means people are reading my stuff so, the more the merrier. I️ like that people care enough to troll me. Engagement is engagement – it pushes my stuff into more feeds.

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