BEAUNE 1er CRU Domaine LEJUENE POMMARD 2017 “Les Epenotes” $120.00

beaune 1er cru domaine lejuene pommard 2017 “les epenotes” $120.00
A fine and easy-drinking wine, showing soft bright red fruits at first however it is slow to open up. It opens up overnight with hints of blackcurrant entwined with kitchen spices running along side the wonderful soft line of acid that was shining through each mouthful of wine.
Once again I say unto you; Form a close relationship with you wine guy or girl at the wine shop and ask them (what they would drink with duck) if it was me, it might be a new world Garnacha from Australia.
Burgundy is a delight to drink, but there are wines that can offer a lot more, at half the price.

michael lillisMichael Lillis

The Rot has set in. 

Mick Pacholli

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