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Arty Party Holidays






I am back!! I am officially back!!

I decided to focus on my studies and enjoy the majority of my 6 week school holidays but I’m back and better then ever to hit you with some (hopefully) great articles.
I travelled up to Sydney around two weeks ago and I got the opportunity to go and see Tatsuo Miyajima’s new exhibition at MCA (one of my all time favourite art gallery’s).

arty party holidays

This exhibition was really something special. Miyajima creates works with light and numbers, and it’s definitely unlike any other work you’ll see, his artwork tells an amazing story. Every work he created involves numbers on a scale from 1 until 9. For Miyajima, these numbers reflect a human scale, showing life on a singular level as well as a wider, communal one. The gap between counting cycles – the zero – represents a pause or breath, the ‘space of death’ before life begins once more. Within this cycle, death is simply a state like life: ‘it is just a q
uestion of if it is visible or not’. I would recommend looking at his art either online or going to the exhibition itself, because not only is the story behind it intriguing, the artwork is gorgeous and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

My second art gallery that I visited these holidays was GOMA in Brisbane, all I can say is, AMAZING!! They definitely know how to throw themselves an amazing 10th birthday. GOMA was filled with vibrant art, my personal favourite was “Sugar spin”, a hallway that was filled with synthetic hair, RAINBOW SYNTHETIC HAIR!!

The whole gallery was filled with extravagant contemporary art of all forms, including different styles of art on every floor of this amazing three storey gallery with slides (yes slides!!) connecting the floors. So many amazing things, way too many to mention, but it was definitely worth the travels and although the trip didn’t occur just because of the gallery, it was the highlight for sure!

I love art. Being surrounded by all this art these holidays has made me feel creative again and I feel ready to begin creating again, I feel ready for this new year, this years going to be a good one!!
Thanks for reading!!
I’ll see you next time and I promise it won’t be too long 🙂
Charlotte <3

Michael Hunt

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