“a Dazzling, Intellectual Work” The Antipodes Playing Now
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THE ANTIPODES opened last week to full houses of entranced audience members. Tickets to Annie Baker’s “mesmeric” new play are flying out the door; this Saturday night is already sold out! Book now to avoid the disappointment of missing out on this “brilliant and funny” production.

Here’s what the critics are saying:
“A fascinating play, and production.” – The Australian

“Expertly navigated…Director Ella Caldwell lets all nine members of the cast shine…Daly is superb…Lingard is heartbreakingly good.”  – ★★★★, Time Out

“…Under the assured direction of Ella Caldwell… Fair plays Eleanor beautifully, conveying in myriad subtle ways the experience of being the sole female in the room…. Danny M1’s (Prendergast) pulsating energy as alpha male is both magnetic and repulsive …Adam (Philips) … mesmerising … Sarah’s (Edwina Samuels) harried comings and goings create vibrant comic energy. “  – Australian Book Review

“A fascinating journey…mesmerising and cathartic, and will resonate with any creative fascinated by the genesis of stories and the legacy of art. It comes highly recommended…captivating.” – Theatre Press
“Each of the characters get their chance to shine…immersive, modern theatre…will no doubt spur much conversation…” – Theatre People


“a Dazzling, Intellectual Work” The Antipodes Playing Now


by Annie Baker

Directed by Ella Caldwell

Playing until August 12.

Tickets are moving fast.

Shows are selling out.

Our big, little theatre only has so many seats …

and we want to make sure that you’re on one of them.

“a Dazzling, Intellectual Work” The Antipodes Playing Now

Guarantee your seat with a Half Year Subscription.

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