Paratalk or Torque?


That time of the week where I take a paragraph, mostly at random, and talk about it however I wish. I picked up the book I had on my desk, opened at random and found a passage about urinating. I changed pages for a different paragraph.

If your elders don’t yet have spectacles, take them to get some. They will need them to find their magnifying glasses. And to locate their other spectacles. They may need the magnifying glasses to select talking books from the library. My parents’ local library recognises that some eople can’t see very well, and so provides books on CDs, with the titles written in 10 point, ant-feet print. Unsure of the concept, perhaps?

The book on my desk is We Need to Talk about Mum and Dad by Jean Kittson. I have reviewed this before so I’m not doing that today. The reason it’s on my desk is to remind me of those forms the parental figures should probably fill out before they have that fall and end up in hospital with a coma. I suggest they won’t have the mental capacity to fill in anything while they’re in a coma, but maybe your parental figure is one of those who’ll be telling you off while they’re being buried.

This paragraph reminded me of Professor Branestawm. That genius man who had seven pairs of spectacles, one of which was for wearing while finding all the other pairs.

Many people read books in audio format, not just those who are losing their eyesight because they’re old. There are those who have little to no eyesight to begin with, those who are stuck due to a minor matter such as quadriplegia, those who are jogging, those who are driving, and I’ve also heard of people who read audio books while they’re doing the housework. Bearing in mind Kittson’s book is only focused on people of the elderly persuasion and none of the other types of people I’ve mentioned I’m going to let her get away with not mentioning them. If I’ve neglected to mention a category that you slot into, please add it in a comment. If you can match my style of writing I’ll be even more pleased.

I take exception to Kittson describing 10 point as ant feet. Granted 10 point is small, but it’s 6 point that is ant print. Unless, of course, your ants are rather big in which case 10 point would be about right. Many years ago when I first learned word processing on a real computer we were taught to put the page number in the bottom right hand corner of the footer. We were told to reduce the point size of those page numbers to 8 point. Small though it was I could still read it, can’t any more. Currently, my eyes let me down and this this paragraph cheerfully reminds me of that.

Should you wish to purchase this cheerfully exciting book you can do so here.

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