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Suzie Eisfelder

Suzie has been writing about books since 2009. She continues to write about books, writing, book shops, conventions and whatever other book related things come to hand. There is a distinct possibility she will die with a book in her hand.

Fifth Glyph

Tonight I’ll be showing off. Not that my writing is any good, because in this story it’s entirely the opposite. I currently have no books waiting for me to scribble words about them. I’m currently on page 532 of a book of short stories,...

Diary of a Madman Other Stories by Nikolai Gogol

I love anthologies. Generally, it’s because I get to read stories by lots of different authors. This book is full of stories by Nikolai Gogol, a celebrated Russian author who had a huge influence on Russian, and also world literature. He died at the...

I’m late, an important date

Well, the date was with my blog but I’m certainly late. I like to publish on a Monday and today is Tuesday. So I’m sitting here while the Prague Cello Quartet sits in a library somewhere and plays Roxanne by The Police and pretending...

The Solid Mandala by Patrick White

I found myself conflicted by this book. It was written by Patrick White who has received a number of awards for his writing including being named Australian of the Year in 1973. When he was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature also in 1973...

Echolalia by Briohny Doyle

There is always a story. There are two stories I have with this book before I head into talking about the actual book. I did a very small favour for a friend. It was such a small favour and cost me nothing. Annie heads...

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

This is one of those ‘hold the front page’ books. It was sent to me by Bionic Book Subscription as part of my three month free subscription from them. When I unboxed it on video I looked and sounded doubtful that I would enjoy...

Walker Books YA Preview night

I was fortunate enough to get an invitation to the Walker Books YA Preview night last week. It was very exciting, not quite as good as when I flew to Sydney for the Penguin Random House National Book Bloggers Forum 2014 (NBBF14) but that’s...

Book readings

I had a teacher at uni who talked about many things including grammar but also how to read your own writing out loud. I’ve not forgotten the gist of her words and they came back to me tonight while watching a Port Fairy Literary...

The Twenty Thousand Thieves by Eric Lambert

I do not know why I picked up a book about the Rats of Tobruk during a pandemic. Especially as I finished it today in the knowledge that we’d be going into a much stricter lockdown than before. Why am I reading books about...

The Hare With Amber Eyes: A hidden inheritance by Edmund de Waal

Don’t ask me how this treasure got onto my TBR Pile, I have no memories of that. It is the most amazing story, de Waal uses family heirlooms, ones that were thought lost during the Holocaust but were all saved thanks to a beloved...