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6 Timeless House Painting Décor Trends To Try In 2021



With the advancements in interior design, new trends are being introduced to the market. Be it in form of the furniture designs or interior décor, concepts and ideas are changing with time.

This is why nowadays, you wouldn’t find many of the old, dull furniture in the houses unless they are vintage. Similarly, the settings of different elements like lighting, lampshades, furniture, décor items, and others are so different from what they used to be in earlier days.

One of the major changes which you can witness in today’s time is in the house painting concepts and ideas. Rather than simply painting a wall with a particular color, people are relying more on decorative painting techniques and smart color choices.

If you are renovating your home but can’t decide how to make the walls look unique, yet elegant, you are at the right place. In this article, we will talk about the latest color trends and decorating ideas that will make the walls look alluring.

6 timeless house painting décor trends to try in 2021

6 Tips to House Painting Décor Trends in 2021

1. Defining the color black with an accent statement

The first trendy decorative style which has become quite popular in recent times is the introduction of black color. Be it in matte or glossy form, black is one color shade that can be applied anywhere. You can either paint an entire wall with the color or combine it with other colors to create patterns. Black will create a bold statement in your house, making the interiors look sharp and divine.

2. Striped sectional walls against furniture

Another amazing house painting trend that has become popular is having stripes on the walls. You can either create horizontal or vertical stripes. The choice of striped depends on wall dimensions, the length to width ratio. For example, if the vertical length is more as compared to the horizontal length, horizontal stripes will look good and vice versa. In addition, striped walls truly look divine behind any wall-mounted sleek furniture.

3. Stencil wall arts and designs

Stencils have been in use for a long time. But it wasn’t very popular amongst interior designers and homeowners. But now, stencil art is considered to be the latest house painting trend in 2021. Stencils come in various forms and shapes which will allow you to create the perfect design as per the setting of the room.

4. Harlequin wall paints for kitchens

One of the house painting trends that will never lose its elegance and magnificence is the Harlequin technique. Here two colors are chosen, one is darker than the other. Diamonds are drawn throughout the wall and the alternate diamonds are painted with different colors. This not only creates a marvelous pattern but also helps in making the kitchen look homely and spacious.

6 timeless house painting décor trends to try in 2021

5. Blue is becoming the new statement for bathrooms

If you are stuck with your bathroom house painting colors, blue is your color. The blue color in different shades is being used to create patterns. In addition, blue represents water which is something common in every bathroom. So, if you are painting the walls, you can choose different bluish shades like bluish grey, navy blue, Royal Blue, greyish blue, ocean blue, and so on.

6. Strié wall painting

The last type of wall painting décor that we will present today is the Strié. Here, the paint is first applied on the wall, and then vertical or horizontal lines are drawn using a fine comb with sharp, pointed ends. The finish is identical to linen fabric and is suitable for the lounge or living space.


In the above article, we have described the top decorative styles for house painting that will help you renovate your home in the best possible manner. Just make sure the pattern or color shade you are choosing matches the exact interior décor style in the room.