Web analytics is important if you want to grow your business website as it will provide you with data regarding what people do on your website. Of course, if you want to get these analytics, there are a lot of web analytic tools online that you can use to get the necessary data you need. However, one of the most popular on the internet is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics lets you see and analyze customer behavior whenever they visit your website. It also helps you understand how people use the user interface, read your content, the functionality, etc.

And best of all, it helps you strategize how you run your business by discovering things that you never knew about your customers. That said, is Google Analytics useful for your website? How can it help your business grow? To answer these questions, let’s dive in.

It’s Free

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of web analytic tools on the internet. However, most of them have a price, and some are also very expensive. Although some tools have a free trial period, they will charge quite high after that period ends.

The difference between Adobe Analytics vs Google Analytics 4 is that Google is free. Google does not charge anyone for using this product. Not only that, but Google Analytics can also be more comprehensive than most of the tools available on the internet.

Also, there are digital marketing agencies out there that offer the usage of Google Analytics to better their services for their clients. This makes them much more efficient in helping businesses have more effective websites and marketing. If you’re looking for that kind of service, see Gorilla360.

You Can See How People Found Out About Your Website

A billion websites are floating around on the internet, and for a specific industry, it alone can have thousands of websites with the same niche. And of course, for your company to have business with people, they need to find your website first. So having a little bit of traffic on your website is already a godsend.

That said, if you want to find out how people found out about your website, Google Analytics can help you with that. It has a section named “Acquisition.” This section is devoted to providing you with information regarding how people discovered your website.

Google Analytics can track how many people landed them in your website through external links after searching for a specific niche in Google, external links from social media accounts, your paid ads, etc. If you have a marketing campaign, this is a great tool to see how your campaign is doing and what link is the most useful. With this information, you can strategize where to put your efforts more in marketing.

You Gain Information on Your Website’s Visitor Demographics

Most websites don’t need to reach everyone. Yes, for a business to have profit, it needs to reach a wider audience, but that audience should be a group of people you’re aiming for. In short, your audience should be the people that you’re interested in doing business with.

After all, if your website has a lot of people visiting it, but if only a small group of people does business with your company, then it’s not that good.

That said, if you want to know if your targeted audience is visiting your website, Google Analytics can provide you with information on the people visiting it in terms of demographics, geography, and their general interests.

In addition, you can also see which browsers they are using, whether it’s Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. This is important because your website would differ in its functionality and overall experiences for different browsers, which can affect who visits it. You’ll know how to optimize your website to accommodate more people by having this information.

It’s Mostly Automated

Google Analytics does most of the work for you by reducing the time and effort required to gather the data into documents and reports. You can also choose the template on how these data are categorized, and you can also make your customized report. You can pick the dimensions and choose the metric you want to see in your reports.

You Can Track What People Do in Your Website

Getting people to visit your website is a hard thing to do in and of itself. Making them stay and keep coming back, however, are much harder. Well, if you want to know what people do when they visit your website, you can see it through Google Analytics’ ”Behavior.”

This section in Google Analytics provides information on what pages people click on your website and the things they often search for. This will help you understand which part of your website is getting traction and will also help you determine which parts of your website are more successful than others.

Final Thoughts

Google Analytics is a great tool if you want to know how your website is doing. By knowing how much traffic it has going on down to the demographic of people visiting your website, this information will help you greatly strategize how to optimize your website and make it more appealing for people.

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