There are few things more stressful for young adults than the college application process. It can seem like your entire future depends on getting into the right school. Although this is far from the truth, there are many paths to success, and it is important that you put effort into your applications if you want to get into your dream school. However, it’s essential that you know what areas of your application to focus on or how to build the best educational resume. If you need some advice, keep reading to learn more about three keys to getting into college.

1. Find a school that will prepare you adequately for higher education.

Your educational experiences in elementary, middle, and high school will play a major role in preparing you for higher education. That means that attending a school where you’re likely to perform well is important. The area where you live, academic aptitude, and financial constraints can all factor into determining what school to attend, but there are more options than many parents realize. For example, there are virtual Oregon charter schools available for students who live in the state that they can attend at no cost. Alternatives to traditional school programs, like online schools, are worth considering if they enable you to be more productive and successful as a student.

2. Work with a college essay consultant.

One of the most effective ways to give yourself an edge in the application process is to work with a college essay consultant. You can look for professionals in your area by searching “college essay consultant near me” or asking for recommendations from teachers and friends. A consultant has years of experience helping students obtain admission to some of the most competitive universities in the country, and they know how to craft a compelling application. Understanding how to present yourself in a way that matches what schools are looking for is often the difference between acceptance and rejection.

3 keys to getting into college

The reality is that acceptance rates for top colleges are low, and admissions are getting increasingly competitive each year. Everyone has heard horror stories about students with perfect standardized test scores being rejected or straight-A students winding up on the wait list. You should take advantage of all the resources available to you if you want to get into an elite college, and that includes working with a college admissions counselor.

3. Focus on a few serious activities.

There is a perception among some students and parents that the way to get into a top university is to join every extracurricular club that they can think of. While it’s good to be able to show schools that you have skills and hobbies, a laundry list of shallow interests doesn’t make you a more attractive applicant. It’s a better idea to choose one or two activities that you’re passionate about and demonstrate a commitment to them over a long period of time. Having a leadership position and meaningful achievements to show for your efforts will give colleges a better idea of who you are and why you’ll be an asset to their campus community.

3 keys to getting into college

College applications are one of the most challenging parts of the high school experience, and it can be overwhelming to try to figure out how to approach them. The best thing you can do for yourself is ensure that you receive a quality education that prepares you for your future and that you take advantage of any professional resources that you have access to. Your goal should be to present an application that demonstrates to schools what you would bring to the table as a member of their student body. There’s no denying that the process of applying to college is stressful, but there are many things you can do to make it easier and give yourself a better chance to get accepted to the school of your dreams.

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