5 Killer Mistakes To Avoid During A Sea Tour

5 killer mistakes to avoid during a sea tour

A tour of the sea or lake is a fascinating moment. Particularly when you are a new cruiser, sailor, or skipper, the experience is overwhelming. You miss getting into the water and assess how it feels when all that surrounds you is water. However, your first day in the water can be your last day on earth if you are not careful.

Many sailors and cruisers have an over-exciting moment that turns into a calamity once in the sailing trip. They make mistakes by ignoring simple aspects. You should not follow suit. Before you hire a boat from Yarra River Cruises, here are some mistakes you need to avoid during your aqua trips:

Ignoring weather forecast

Like planes, weather forecast information is essential for cruisers. Simple ignorance of the weatherman can turn your moment into regret. Though unpredictable, having some information about the possible weather conditions can help you make the right decision.

High-speed winds, unexpected storms, and rough seas can be the reality in the water bodies. Such a situation can make the tour a difficult one. For this reason, it is essential to pay attention to the marine weather forecast.

Remember, the marine weather forecast is what you need to check, not the common one. So, do not make the mistake of thinking that the land weather forecast information will apply for the sailing tours.

Riding on an overloaded boat

No doubt, sailing with friends on one boat is exciting and a great experience. Think of those fascinating stories and humour. No one would miss such an encounter.  For this reason, some people like accommodating everyone on their boat, even if it means overloading it. You will find 20 sailors boarding a 15 passenger boat.

Also, unless you rent a boat from a reputable company like Yarra River Cruises that has strict rules, you will sail with an extra passenger. Some rogue boat renting service providers want to maximize their earnings.

So, they never mind overloading your boat. Such a mistake will make you have the last excitement as you say goodbye to the world. As such, never ride on an overloaded boat.

Failing to switch your phone to flight mode

It is a nice experience to go live on your social media pages while on your sailing tour. You want your friends to miss the experience and accompany you next time. While this is a superb idea, it might be the worst mistake ever.

Unless the boat has a Wi-Fi connection, never turn your cellular phone on while on the sailing trip. Keeping your cellular on can attract some life-threatening charges. Also, it can interview for cruise operations.

Many Melbourne boat hire service providers will guide you to yachts and boats with Wi-Fi connections but at an extra coin. Use such boats if sharing information about the trip is crucial to you. Otherwise, always keep your phone in flight mode throughout the sailing tour.

Choosing the wrong or unexperienced skipper

Another mistake you can ever make while on the sailing tour is going with the wrong skipper. Your skipper is in charge of the trip inside the ocean. They must know how to navigate through perfectly and amazingly. Also, they should be sober. Sailing with a drunkard captain can be a messy thing.

Remember, your skipper can make or break your moment. If you do not have an experienced skipper, you should consider hiring one.  Companies like Yarra River Cruises have skippers with vast sailing experience. So, you can opt for them if you want the best moment out of the sailing journey.

Missing the right sailing equipment and safety kits

A sailing tour is not the land one. Anything can go wrong while on the high seas. But your readiness and preparedness can be the gap between you and death. Many sailors make the mistake of ignoring safety kits and equipment.

Your safety kit should always be a priority when packing for the sailing trip. You can avoid deaths and injuries when the sea becomes rough, and your boat capsizes with the kit. As such, always take the right safety elements with you.

Wrapping up

As you can see, your sea trip can turn from joy to grief. This will be the case if you make the above mistakes. You can enjoy your sailing tour even when conditions become unfavourable. However, this can happen when you take the right precautions and follow the right procedures. Always prioritize your safety before getting into the beach for a sailing session.