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5 Awesome Small Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Multitasking Moms



Being a stay-at-home mom comes with so many responsibilities, as well as perks. You get to witness all those first-time moments of your younglings, you can make sure they eat home-cooked meals, and you can take that afternoon nap together with them if other things on the agenda are taken care of. Moms are amazing jugglers, and as a member of the gang, you know that once you’ve mastered the art of momhood, everything else will seem like a breeze. 

But what about earning and creative outlets, what about getting some challenging projects and getting back onto your career path? Luckily, you can now develop a business of your own and become successful in the beauty industry, real estate, or some other thriving niche, without abandoning your stay-at-home mom-time. Here are a few ideas to get you going!

How about online teaching

Thanks to our digital revolution, we’re now able to build digital classrooms, and you can teach anyone, anywhere, on almost every topic imaginable. This is the perfect time and a great opportunity to put your own education and hard-earned skills to great use! If you’re a great cook, you can create your own online cooking seminars and workshops, or teach graphic design, singing, and especially languages.

English tutoring has become a lucrative opportunity for native speakers to work with kids as well as grownups in Asia. You can join an existing school with a great reputation, or start your own language lessons! Many perks come with such jobs, from setting up your schedule, choosing your work hours, and you also get fully prepared lesson plans and materials to teach. 

Let your savings work for you

When you know your way around numbers and you love long-term, profitable commitments, you can really find some incredible opportunities to make a sizeable investment. A great example would be buying an apartment which you can rent for long-term tenants or even via platforms such as Airbnb as a local host. Either way, a one-time investment can mean decades of steady profits.

Before you take that leap, it’s best to attend investment property seminars to learn the ropes and make sure that you’ll have the knowledge and the information to pick the most profitable property available. You’ll learn how to scout a great location, how to upgrade a property for targeting particular tenants, and how to manage the property over the years to come. 

Arts and crafts are a huge hit

We all know someone who has those unique earrings or wears a handmade dress that no one else has. One of the more recent trends that has taken over the world by storm is precisely that – unique, authentic, personalized arts and crafts of all sorts! If you’re good with your hands and you have a creative mind, you can definitely profit from this little side-gig and turn it into a lucrative business from home.

While it will take some initial investments so that you can procure materials and equipment for making those unique items, and to create a unique online presence on social networks and platforms such as Etsy so that people start noticing you, you can soon start making money doing what you love. 

Get your SEO and IT groove on

Moms can be nerds, too! In fact, considering the world we live in, that’s the most profitable, and one of the most liberating careers a mom could dream of. With so many different professions within the SEO and IT world, you can be anything you have the skills and education for, from guest blogging on quality websites and managing the off-site SEO, being a graphic designer or a game developer, all the way to a software engineer. Start by looking into your most lucrative and flexible options.

You can find many freelance platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr, where you can start posting your portfolio and look for clients to start on your first project. You can also build your own website, and start working as an IT entrepreneur from home!

Become someone’s right hand 

Virtual assistants have become all the rage for modern businesses nowadays, and if you have experience or education for the position, you can easily find a great gig as a VA online. Your job might entail a variety of responsibilities, from handling email correspondence all the way to writing proposals, but it is easy to manage from home as long as you have a reliable internet connection.


Stay-at-home moms have so many great career opportunities from home. Look for the one that suits you best and set an example for your youngsters!