Whether you run a small office of ten people or an international restaurant chain, cleanliness should be at the top of your list of priorities. It not only ensures that you meet all necessary health and safety regulations, but it can also affect your reputation as a business.

So to help you make sure that you’re keeping on top of the basics, let’s take a look at the top 4 cleaning and hygiene products your business simply must have.


This one is so simple and yet so extremely important. When it comes to health, hygiene and general tidiness, having proper bins where you and your staff can discard your waste is essential. But simply having a bin in the office, restaurant, shop or whatever kind of business you run isn’t enough. You must also ensure that you have enough bins for the waste that your business generates as well as the right kinds of business for the type of waste you have.

So for example, a restaurant with a high turn-over may require 3 large general waste bins, 3 large recycling bins as well as 3 compost bins for food waste. All of these would have to be of commercial or industrial quality. Meanwhile, a small office may just require a few open bins to contain general office waste like paper and pens and one larger bin for food waste in the kitchen.

 Washroom Sanitisers

Whether you run an office or a shopping mall, your toilets and bathroom facilities absolutely need to be in tip top shape. A clean bathroom is not only important for hygiene reasons but it can also create a lasting impression on staff and visitors. If a bathroom is unclean or even unsanitary, it may put people off your business as a whole.

Some essential washroom products to consider include drain cleaners, toilet seat sanitisers, air fresheners, urinal sanitisers, sanitary waste disposal bins, hand soap, hygiene monitors, bleach and toilet cleaners.

 Commercial Floor Cleaners

Whether you have a large space to clean, handle food or are open to the public, having the right commercial floor cleaner can make the world of difference. Floors can be one of the worst areas for the spreading of all sorts of germs and bacteria brought in on people’s feet.

But don’t be put off by the name. Commercial floor cleaners can come in the form of large vehicles used on streets and car parks, but they can also come in all sorts of other shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a small walk-behind sweeper, a small ride on scrubber or a street sweeper truck, commercial floor cleaners can help save you time and money as well as ensure that your floors are cleaned to the highest industry standards.

Antibacterial Surface Cleaners

Germs are everywhere. There’s really no avoiding them. So in order to keep your work areas as hygienic as possible, you need to regularly wipe down all surfaces with antibacterial cleaners. Again, these can vary depending on the surfaces you have and what you do with those surfaces. Companies in the food and beverage industry will have particular requirements that require a different product to your average office with a few desks, a kitchen and a stationary cupboard.

But whatever kind of business or establishment you run, make sure your cleaning cupboard is fully stocked with the right antibacterial surface cleaners.


 Hygiene and cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of running any kind of facility. Each industry will have its own particular set of health and safety standards that you must meet but at the very least, every business should have sufficient bins for waste, plenty of washroom hygiene products, commercial scrubbers for their floors and plenty of antibacterial surface cleaners. Ensuring you have all of these will help keep your staff and customers happy and your business’ reputation healthy.

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