TRAX launches exciting new roster for ‘Class of 24’ campaign

trax launches exciting new

As 2023 nears its end, emerging artists in the UK receive a huge boost thanks to the help of TRAX, an exciting London based music company giving talent a chance through a revolutionary new platform.

TRAX’s new music app is giving artists the opportunity to engage with and reward their biggest followers – their ‘superfans’. By subscribing directly to artists through TRAX, listeners across the world can access never-before-heard music content. From pre-release album drops to exclusive music videos, TRAX is creating a new home for premium releases that let creators go above and beyond for their top supporters, and earn more in the process.

TRAX has officially announced its Class of ‘24 artist campaign. This year’s Class represents a diverse and innovative cross section of the music industry; artists who are finding new ways to connect with their followers and aligning themselves with TRAX’s mission to create new lines of support between artists and fan communities. In celebration of up-and-coming talent, TRAX will be releasing ten exclusive tracks from participating artists, accessible only through the music marketplace. 

“We continue to be amazed by the talent and ingenuity of the Class of ‘24 artists. As a platform that stakes its pride on helping artists connect with and garner support from their superfans, this is a great opportunity to celebrate new connections and give fans the opportunity to get closer to their idols.” – Henry Wilson, TRAX Co-Founder, COO

Here are some of the artists involved below, and head over to TRAX’s website to download the app and get involved in this real potential disrupter move.


Deijuvhs: From jamming out with his mates at the age of 15 to headlining his own festival Hoodstock in 2023, Deijuvhs’ distinct sound – fusing nu-metal, R&B, and alt-rock – has contributed to an expanding alt-music subculture across London and among his online fans. His song Toxic Masculinity will be available on TRAX on 13th October. “Love to the TRAX team for supporting man. It’s a cold platform. Check out an exclusive song from me on my profile called “Toxic Masculinity”. I’m gonna put up some more exclusive bits on there. Get on the ting”

CHELJI: Brimming with grunge-inspired passion, CHELJI’s work is rich with inspiration while remaining deeply innovative in the pop genre. Her TRAX Class of ‘24 exclusive Jokeman is an anthem for the next wave in pop. “So excited to be dropping ‘Jokeman’ exclusively through TRAX! This is a real opportunity to give back to the fans who have been by my side since day one.”

Master Peace: A new-wave indie artist who dips in and out of genres as he pleases. Master Peace’s new exclusive track Do You Know What You Mean To Me? cements his status as the culture’s newest rock-star. Stick it on repeat for the best listening experience.

Launched on October 13th, TRAX is excited to be releasing its feature Class of ‘24 fan magazine, featuring interviews and deep dives on selected artists, as well as a primer and intro to TRAX’s new music superapp.

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