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Theatrical Metal Band Plagues Release Triumphant News Single “Resurgence”

In the chaos of 2020, a powerful and enigmatic force emerged from the UK metal scene, known only as “Plagues.” Their latest single, “Resurgence,” is a testament to the captivating theatrical metal phenomenon they’ve become, attracting a devoted legion known as the “Scholars of Light.” This dedicated fan base has created a digital sanctuary known as “We Are the Cleansing” or “Sanctuarii,” where they unite in a shared admiration for the band’s compelling lore and audial artistry. Shrouded in anonymity, Plagues has woven a rich and alluring narrative centred around the enigmatic entity, Xy’lothra, sparking a quest for understanding among their ardent followers. 

“Resurgence” is a self-produced and recorded track that masterfully blends cinematic elements with their Metal/Metalcore style, resulting in a wall of sound that resonates with triumph. The track features a rich array of orchestral and acoustic instrumentation paired with heavily distorted guitar riffs and pounding drum lines. This composition captures the essence of resilience in the face of adversity, taking their fans on an epic journey.

Xy’lothra, the driving force behind Plagues, explains the essence of “Resurgence” as an epic tale of summoning the “Scholars of Light” to confront a dire threat to all existence. The narrative underscores the universal struggle of mustering strength in moments of perceived weakness, the battle to overcome overwhelming adversity, all to protect and provide for loved ones. The song stands as a powerful anthem, inspiring resilience and unwavering resolve.

Since their debut EP “The Book of Plagues: Volume 1 – Daywalker” in 2021, the band has steadily grown its catalog, amassing over half a million streams on Spotify. Notably, their cover of Linkin Park’s “Crawling” pays a respectful homage while intertwining past and present, showcasing the dark and emotive resonance of their unique sound.

Fans whisper with anticipation of a looming debut album. While no official confirmation has pierced the shrouded veil of Plagues, the fervent hope remains, fueling the desire for a comprehensive auditory odyssey into the world of Xy’lothra and beyond.

Stream it here:

Tom L.

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