the letter for the king  (2020 netflix original)

With movie theatres and live venues in total shutdown, understandably just about everyone on the planet is turning to the internet for their fix of ‘iso-entertainment.

For many, the house-bound confinement has presented the perfect opportunity to strengthen the family bond by watching a few escapist movies/series together.

One such series is The Letter For The King filmed in New Zealand (the land of the long magical epic saga) and the Czech Republic. Recently released on Netflix this six-part series with its lack of bad language, unnecessary sex scenes, and overemphasised cruelty, is a family-friendly medieval fantasy.  

Very loosely based on the 1962 Dutch book ‘De brief voor de Koning’ byTonke Dragt.  obviously aimed at the teenage demographic, with a slightly altered storyline making it suitable for the older viewers as well.

The story begins with Tiuri, (Amir Wilson) an unlikely young dorky knight in training who upon the request of the dying Black Knight begrudgingly embarks on an epic quest to deliver a vital message to King Favian (Yorick van Wageningen).  

Believing he is the subject of an ancient prophecy he defies all odds to save the kingdom from eternal evil and discovers the courage and trust he never knew he had

As with every medieval saga worth its weight in shining armor, it has its fair share of mandatory deadly sword fights, a damsel or two who cause plenty of distress, a sorcerer who provokes a couple of magical moments, an ominous-looking monastery with some very sinister inhabitants, the traditionally hard to pronounce foreign lands and of course an ever-faithful steed that manages to save the day on more than one occasion.

Following in the tradition of tales such as Lord of the Rings, there is a motley band of reluctant heroes who have no other choice but to put aside their differences and learn to work together as a team. Tirelessly pursued by a bloodthirsty group of mercenaries. Eventually, each, in turn, finds his or her special coming of age story.

This is a non-gender-specific tale that should excite both the adventurous girl and boy as well as the fun-loving adult.


Photo Concept&Design by Beata Gombas (c) 2020