Tanya – Oscar picks

Tanya – Oscar Picks
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This is Tanya. She is she is learning the ropes of TV writing in-between being a comms specialist, baking cakes for friends and reviewing movies for Triple R.

Who is going to win best Picture this year at the Oscars?
It looks like a battle between ‘Three Billboards’ and ‘The Shape of Water’ but if I was up there I’d do a Warren Beatty 2k17 and give it to ‘Lady Bird’.

The Sprink hated The Shape of Water. Thoughts?
I love that movies can create strong reactions on both sides. Whatever you think of that movie you have to concede that Guillermo del Toro is
1- is a special effects wizard; and
2 – not a sex pest (yet) so he deserves to make movies.

Most overrated movie you’ve ever seen?
I get why people love Phantom Thread – all the elements are there – but it made me want to stab sewing needles into my eyes. Not the horse for my course. See answer above about it being good that movies create strong reactions.

Top 5 fave movies?
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly – a fashion mag editor has a stroke, can’t speak but manages to communicate with his eye lids.
Irreversible – a French revenge film told in reverse. But I don’t recommend anyone watches it. People vomited in the cinema.
The Stories We Tell – doco on a film maker.
Toni Erdmann – a really nice movie about a dad and daughter.
The Deer Hunter – a horrible, sad, antiwar film.

I also like the original Muppet movies (including The Dark Crystal which still scares the crap out of me) + The Princess Bride = amazing.

Best plot twist ever?
Citizen Kane nails it. And I haven’t trusted Edward Norton since seeing Primal Fear.

Best scene in a movie?
Any scene from The Dark Crystal, it seriously does still scare the sh*t out of me. Also the first time we see The Wheelers in Return To Oz. WTF that was so scary.

A movie you love that everyone else hates?
Recently it would be A Ghost Story which is about Casey Afflick as a Pac-Man style ghost, covered in a sheet, haunting the house he used to live in. It also stars Kei$ha. I do not recommend it. But I loved it.

Favourite supporting or guest appearance?
Tilda Swinton in Trainwreck as the magazine editor. She was unrecognisable. And she is kween.

Fave Oscars speech?
Roberto Benigni for Life is Beautiful. He jumped on the chair, told everyone he loved them and was so amped, it was great to see how real his happiness was… and was never seen ever again.

What did you think of Angelina kissing her bro that time?
I actually didn’t have a problem with it to be honest. I already knew she was wearing a vile of her husbands blood on a necklace so just thought ‘You be you’.

All time movie crush?
Stephen Dorff in The Power of One. I don’t love him, just him in that movie. No idea what he is doing now, but I don’t really mind. I suspect he fell from grace but back then he was kick ass. The 90’s were certainly my jam.

Have you ever been guilty of a spoiler?
I saw the preview for The Sixth Sense and turned to my sister ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Bruce Willis was dead?’
Oh – spoiler alert don’t read previous line. Thanks

Where is a good place to go to the flicks?
Spain because the movie previews are part of the line up – they advertise which trailers you are going to see before the movie screens.

Which couple has the best onscreen chemistry?
Ilana and Abbi in Broad City. The Brokeback boys. Ryan Gosling and lots of people including the doll in Lars and the Real Girl.

Are you just a voyeur of arts or have you gotten into them too?
I once responded to a call out that said ‘Wanted, women of all backgrounds who love to dance… nude’ and was for a show at Arts House called Trilogy. More than 100 amazing women of all ages answered the ad and it was hands down pants down the best thing I have ever done.

YAS have you always been a nudie since you were a baby?
Actually, when I was a baby I had a tumour that was tunnelling from under my arm towards my heart. It was removed by a doctor called Dr Killer who took out my lymph nodes and now I don’t sweat under that armpit.

Boo, that is cray. What else was cray?
Growing up, my Dad was in the Air Force. We once lived on a base in the NT that did regular training exercises that simulated real conflict situations. We went about our normal lives while the military folk – who came from all over the world – set up roadblocks and inspected our school bus looking for fake bombs or stowaways and the fake enemy would stage takeovers of the local milkbar. Strange times.


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